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Thread: Anti-rub padding for under winter pool covers

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    Anti-rub padding for under winter pool covers

    I'm new on here and have tried to read through relevant posts, and use search, to find information about anti-rub padding for use along the coping under a winter safety cover. I haven't found anything, so I may be looking for the wrong wording, if so I'm sorry for posting this request.

    I am about to get a loop loc ultra - solid with two mesh panels for drainage - but due to the windy area I'd like to protect the cover from wearing against the cement coping of my in ground pool. I've always had a solid cover but as it aged it started leaving a blue coloration along the coping which was hard to get off. I've heard that anti-rub padding prevents that. Loop Loc offers some but not only is it expensive, it is not actually a pad but just a thick sheet of vinyl 30" wide that is draped over the coping and held on by holes in it for the straps to go through. Doesn't sound like it would last long and for almost $500 I don't want to have to replace it in a few years.

    Some pool companies have told me that astro turf works and to get strips the length and width of my pool. Easy for them to say as I can't find any sold in narrow strips although I know I have seen it in stores in the past - if I could only remember where. I've also been told that if a piece slips into the pool and stays there it could discolor the bottom of my white pool.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Anti-rub padding for under winter pool covers

    Loop Loc's Undr-Covr (tm) padding gets attached to the straps to hold it in place. If it did fall in, it will not hurt anything. I have attached many hundreds of feet of it. It works.

    Number the sections if you have a free form pool using a fat tipped Sharpie or similar marker. I usually remove it when storing the cover. I like to encourage my customers to get a bin for the padding for storage.

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    Re: Anti-rub padding for under winter pool covers

    Go to a local rubber supply place and get some thin sheet rubber, such as pond liner. It will be inexpensive and hold up well.
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