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Thread: MegnaSweep Zone issue

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    MegnaSweep Zone issue

    Our cleaning system does not switch to a different zones while cleaning. I have opened the head of the unit and the gears turn by hand so I don't know what to look at fixing or replacing.

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    Re: MegnaSweep Zone issue

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    Not switching zones means that the gears, while they turn by hand, aren't turning with the water flow like they should. I'm guessing you already did this, but I'd look for any broken plastic in the valve first. Can you post a picture of it open?
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    Re: MegnaSweep Zone issue

    1) do you have a little lever on the top of the valve that moves up or down?,this will put valve in "pause" or "run" mode (up for pause,down for run) depending on what valve you have, this may be the reason why valve wont cycle to next zone. 2) if plastic gears are "sloppy/wobbly" on there metal posts inside valve, creating an out of round condition on gear, carefully pull impeller/paddle wheel off center post and look at the teeth underneath it,more than likely there is considerable wear on teeth that will be visibly obvious,(turning the whole gear assembly by hand, will not accurately simulate the proper function of the gear assembly that exist under normal operating conditions) therefore, the best way to determine if the gear assembly inside valve needs to be replaced,would be the overall "gear inspection" especially, the impeller/paddle wheel in center, it doesn't take much to impede the operation of the gear train,when you consider the force of water pressure it normally operates under, look at a new new gear set, and you will most likely notice a significant difference in the way gears fit on there respective steel posts,compared to the tired set i suspect you have now,inspect t-flaps under gear set also (unless your valve has the large plastic balls) make sure they are still glued in and not loose,be careful with the cam plate under gear assembly if you are doing this yourself,it has to be positioned under a t-flap, or ball, before gear assembly can be considered properly seated in valve,i have seen lids blow off these valves if cam plate is not positioned properly when pump is turned back on,at all times cam plate will always have a t-flap up or a ball moved off port, cam plate is "ramped" to provide the smooth action for movement of either t-flap or ball, as it turns with gear assembly,over its respective port (5 or 6 port depending on the valve) most of these so called in floor systems are over hyped way beyond there true ability to keep a pool clean,not to mention the cost to replace in floor heads,gears,etc.after 20 years repairing pools and spas i will always offer a customer a better alternative in the form of a suction type cleaner (if there pool/wallet is a good candidate for this option) ,oh well,im bored on a sunday,so take the info and run with it, oh yeah..yourrrr welcomeeee

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