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Thread: New Build/Quote in DFW

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    New Build/Quote in DFW

    Here's my quote:

    Pool Measures 19'x33'
    Pool Depths 3.5' x 4.5' x 4'
    Pool Perimeter is 105 L.F.
    Pool Area is 620 Sq Ft.

    Pool Aesthetics
    - Flagstone Coping
    - 125 Stock Tile Choices
    - Moss Rock Water Feature, Meauring 10' W x 3' D x 3.5' T, Tapering down with Moss Rock accent Boulders
    - Tanning Ledge Entry topped with Flagstone w/ 4 Bubblers - measuring 12' x 8'
    - One 6' Bench & One12' Bench per Plan

    Pool Equipment
    - 3.0 HP True Variable Speed Hi Efficiency (Pentair)
    - Circulation Pump
    - 420 Sq Ft Cartridge Filter
    - Pentair Easy Touch Electronic Control Center
    - Pentair Easy Touch Wireless Controller
    - Pentair IC-40 Chlorine Generator (Salt System) w/ Sacrificial Anode
    - Intelli PH Acid Feeder
    - Pentair AFP-150 (GPM) Water Feature Pump
    - Polaris Black Max Cleaner or Platinum Grey w/ 3/4 HP Booster Pump
    - Rainbow 320 Automatic Chlorinator (For Winter Months)
    - Compool Full 2" (Hi-Flo) Never Lube Valves
    - 3 Pentair LED Color Changing Lights
    - 2 Pentair Black Skimmers Plumbed Seperately (2" Plumbing)
    - 10 Black Returns (1.5" Plumbing)
    - 2 Main Drains (With Sumps) with Black VGB Covers Plumbed Seperately for Pool (2" Plumbing)
    - 2 Main Drains (With Sumps) with Black VBG Covers Valved for Water Feature (2" Plumbing)
    - 1 Black Polaris Wall Fitting (1.5" Plumbing)
    - 1 Black Intercam Locking Pole
    - 1 Black (Red Baron Brand) Leaf Net
    - 1 Taylor Complete Test Kit
    - 1 Black 18" Black Wall Brush
    - 4 Black Return Fittings or 360 Degree Fittings for Tanning Ledge

    All Pentair equipment has a full 3 year warranty with no deductible or outside service contractors.

    Pool Decking
    - 975 Sq Ft of Salt Finish or Hand Seeded Aggregate Decking with all necessary drainage (Add color to salt finish for $1 sq ft extra)

    Pool Surface
    - Gray Plaster
    - Add $2700 for Pebble Tec

    Pool Structure
    - 13" x 13" Box Beam Construction with all 1/2" Steel (4 Bars, Continously)
    - 3/8" Steel Through Out Belly of the Pool
    - 8" Thick Walls, 10" Thick Floors & 12" Thick Coves
    - Steel Pattern - 10" x 10" on all Flat Walls & Floors, 10" x 5" on all Breaks & Curves in Pool, 5" x 5" when a horizontal & vertical curve meet
    - 12" Thick Water Fall Pad (Lined with EPM to Prevent Leaks)
    - Gunite Pool Shell

    All Electrical Work related to Pool (Excluding adding a sub-panel)
    All Excavation (Including Rock Charges) & Haul Off
    All Start-Up & Instructions (Equipment Manuals Included) - Given by myself & all equipment professionally labeled.

    Total Pool Project

    And the renderings:

    A few notes:
    - There are plenty more trees to the left of the pool when looking at renders.
    - This is meant to be a play pool, volleyball/basketball sleeves will be included.
    - The pool is about 30 feet from the house. We live on 2.5 acres and still wanted somewhat of a backyard to play on with nice St. Augustine grass. You can easily see the pool from our deck.

    So what do you guys think? Good deal, bad deal? Any potential problems or anything I'm missing? Anything I should change?
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    Re: New Build/Quote in DFW

    That looks like a good deal to me. Prices vary noticeably from place to place. I'm not familiar with DFW pricing so it could be anything from amazing to middling, but it isn't a bad deal anywhere I am familiar with.

    The equipment choices are good, better than we usually see. I wouldn't use the Rainbow Chlorinator except for the startup period and vacations, but even so it is handy to have.
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    Re: New Build/Quote in DFW

    Once again, I'm amazed at the difference a four hour drive makes when it comes to building pools! We live in the Tulsa area, and our pool (dig may start today) will measure 15' x 32', 87 ft perimeter, 750 SqFt salt finish concrete decking, 90 cubic feet of boulders for retaining wall, 3/4 HP single speed pump, tanning ledge w/2 bubblers, 2 Pentair Intellibrite 5G lights, sand filter, and we're paying nearly as much as you are. (And it's not just this PB, as we interviewed 5 of them).

    Your plans look fantastic!
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    Re: New Build/Quote in DFW

    Looks great and sounds like a good backyard plan.
    Be sure to check local codes about pool security fencing. Most localities require a barrier around the pool that might change the flow of your yard plan.
    If you fence the entire back yard to the back of the house, the doors that open to it will need special alarms.

    Best of luck,
    "Experience is what you get, just after you needed it."

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    Re: New Build/Quote in DFW

    That sounds like a really good price!

    A few things I would change:
    - I wouldn't get a cleaner that requires a booster pump; it's just more $$ for electricity. With a VS pump already, you can use a Polaris 360 or The Pool Cleaner; these are pressure-side pumps that work without a booster.
    - 4.5' is pretty shallow. I would at least get it deep enough that you can stand and have your shoulders under water.
    - Get the pebble finish! The longer life will more than justify the higher cost.
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    Re: New Build/Quote in DFW

    Looks very very nice!
    I would suggest same as Melt in the sun: Polaris 360 or The Pool Cleaner. I am partial to Teh Pool Cleaner, own it myself And from what I've heard, Pebble Tech is pretty awesome. Don't have it myself but have heard many positives, few negatives.

    For what it's worth I'd suggest place it closer to the house, the pool tends to be a 'focal point' and will be friggin beautiful. You will enjoy being able to see it (and the kids/guests) out the house windows. 30' is a decent walk out to it.
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    Re: New Build/Quote in DFW

    I second (or third) the suggested pebble finish.

    Please be careful and be aware of the type of flagstone you plan to use on beach entry (and coping) with your salt pool. I have friends here in DFW with a lot of flaking from OK flagstone and their SWG pools. Also, since you will have moss rock water feature already, you may want to revisit the 4 bubblers as having too much feature, IMO (I have 1 on my tan ledge and rarely turn it on since I'd rather see and hear my waterfall instead).

    If you are not committed to any PB yet and you are around the mid-cities, I highly recommend my PB – (I can pm you if interested)?
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    Re: New Build/Quote in DFW

    All in all, the plans look beautiful!

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