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Thread: Is stamped concrete dangerously slick

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    Is stamped concrete dangerously slick

    Would love some input from those in the know . We are considering it for the complete deck around the pool. I have had two people warn me it is too slick and dangerous TIA
    Theresa and/or Gary

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    Re: Is stamped concrete dangerously slick

    This is a very good question...

    I think you'll find that:
    a) most people will tell you not to do it, and/or if you do, don't seal it
    b) some builders/pavers have had bad experiences with the non-stick additives needing to be constantly reapplied or not being effective....this has given the whole topic a "beware of trying it" reputation.
    c) some pool owners have somehow found very experienced builders/pavers who know how to do it fine, and report that they are very happy with their sealed stamped concrete and have had no problems other than needing to remember to reseal every few years

    The above is based on my research over the last 3 months (talking to numerous contractors and reading online). We're giving sealed stamped concrete a try (using additives/etc) and our pool builder while initially warning us away, says they can comfortably handle the job even when we asked them point blank if it would be easier on everyone if we used a specialist for the decking. This is honestly the only area of our current pool build that we considered farming out. It appears that it can be done but the skills/knowledge may not be transferred too widely.

    If you get other or additional info, please post!
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    Re: Is stamped concrete dangerously slick

    Our stamped concrete is still new. The contractor added "shark bite" to add a bit of texture and keep it from being slippery. It is still very slippery. Definitely no running zone! I walk with trepidation when my feet are wet and a friend slipped and fell. I now have a mat at the stairs for traction. It is also very hot on the feet. I have photos under new construction.
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    Re: Is stamped concrete dangerously slick

    It is slippery. I'm glad that we don't have children or have children over to swim for the most part. We coated it with shark bite which helped but not enough. I absolutely love the look of it and feel that it's worth it, but if we were very social people and had company over constantly I would really worry. It's just basically my husband and I (believe it or not, none of our friends like to swim) so we deal with it by wearing flip flops when out there and it's fine.
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    Re: Is stamped concrete dangerously slick

    I dont have any additives and no one has slipped yet. I've had many days with 4, 14 year old boys having fun, so far so good. I would agree that plain or brushed would have more grip but unless your running laps with wet feet around the pool I dont see a problem. Of all the people using the pool so far no one has commemted that the deck is slippery.
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    Re: Is stamped concrete dangerously slick

    Our new pool has nicely stamped concrete and it is not slippery at all. This I attribute to the fact that the builder really made deep impressions when he stamped it. Its not rough in any way nor is it a slick or slippery surface. It probably all depends on how it is done.
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    Re: Is stamped concrete dangerously slick

    Our hardscape is troweled colored concrete and even though it is sealed every year with Glaze 'N Seal, it is not slippery except in the day or two right after sealing. The hardscape can be seen here and here. We avoided stamped concrete because it was more likely to be a trip hazard with its deeper ridges. Clearly for troweling, the final texture is very dependent on the quality of workmanship since this is done by hand.
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    Re: Is stamped concrete dangerously slick

    I am planning on stamped concrete in my build (1st quarter - Elegance 40). I visited the same pool at the builder's brother's house this weekend and the concrete looked great. They did seem to apply a lot of "pressure" to get deep impressions.

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    Re: Is stamped concrete dangerously slick

    It's raining here right now. I went outside and walked around on the new stamped concrete (we are not going to seal it).

    The areas of Stamped Concete with standing water are fairly slippery
    The areas that are wet, but all the standing water is gone are not very slippery
    I'd say that the 15+ year old brushed concrete out front is just as slippery with standing water on it
    The new brushed concrete with no standing water has the most traction (there isn't any standing water on the new brushed to test out)
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    Is stamped concrete dangerously slick

    I have brushed concrete around our pool. I do not find it slippery at all. And yes, kids do run around the pool, especially when jumping in and out of the pool.
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    Re: Is stamped concrete dangerously slick

    Our pool builder talked us out of stamped concrete saying that it would be very slippery. We agreed and went with colored, brush-finished concrete with a sealer. Unfortunately for us, the sealer they used turns the patio into an ice skating rink when it gets wet. We had 3 or 4 people take fairly nasty spills this summer. So it's not necessarily the just the concrete that's a factor but the sealer too.
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    Re: Is stamped concrete dangerously slick

    We have brushed coping and stamped concrete deck. So far it is not slippery at all. Even when wet. I had fiber added to the mix, so maybe that had something to do with it.
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