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Thread: Poor Precious Putty Pool

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    Poor Precious Putty Pool

    Recently we bought a home with a in ground liner pool. It is17x32 and octagon shape.

    The pool has its problems. (So did the house, we found out after we bought it; dry rot, termites, electrical)

    The problems with the pool; the main drain was covered years ago when the liner was installed. (Apparently there is a main drain), the skimmer line was pinched under the concrete somewhere and this allowed less flow to the pump or filter, whichever, the previous owner had the impeller changed on the pump so it wouldn’t burn up with this low flow of water.

    Right after we moved in the pool was OK. We would leave the hose dripping slowly into the pool to keep the water level from changing too much.

    Then we had a tragic accident. Somebody left the pool fill on all night and the pool over flowed.

    The result of this was drastic and our pool became a poor precious putty pool.

    The pressure from the water tore the liner mostly around the skimmer box and the fill valves, causing the water to leak out quite quickly. Our pool man puttied around the skimmer box and the valves and we filled her back up to the water line. After this accident our putty pool wouldn’t hold water. We lost about an inch or more a day. We discovered the liner was pulling away from the skimmer and the putty.

    At this point we figured we could limp it along buying water and putty until spring when we could afford to put in a new liner.

    Then we had another tragic accident; the skimmer line under the concrete collapsed all the way and now we are unable to filter the water at all.

    We can not afford to replace the liner for at least six months. At this point our pool is not being filtered, it is loosing water daily and we haven’t touched it. I figured we could get a sump pump soon and pump the rest of the water out so we do not have stagnated water that becomes a mosquito breeding swamp. Then I read in one of the forum answers to someone that we shouldn’t drain the pool until we are ready to put in a new liner.
    Any suggestions on what to do in the mean time?
    Should we pump the water out, and take the liner off the tracks so it doesnt shrink and or pull at the edges?
    I also want to know what our options might be other than a liner. I would like something a little less poor and precious a couple years down the road when she starts to show her age.
    We will be able to afford the taj mahal of swimming pools in the spring. Just not now.

    Thank you in advance for your suggestions. ( filling it in is not an option )

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    Re: Poor Precious Putty Pool

    Welcome to TFP! Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. Where do you live and what is your water temp now? You may be able to close the pool now if you live in a cold climate. Someone with more experience than me with this type of thing will be along shortly.

    You have come to the right place. These guys will take care of you.
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    Re: Poor Precious Putty Pool

    I live in Santa Rosa CA. We do not Have super cold winters. We could close the pool. However my understanding was that we still needed to filter the water and we need to keep the water level up. at the rate we are loosing water its going to be a Very expensive hole of water. I was hoping to be able to drain it and take the liner out. exposing the sides and waiting until spring to do all the plumbing repairs and the new liner.

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    Re: Poor Precious Putty Pool

    The trouble with removing the water and liner now is the risk of damage to the exposed structure of the pool. The walls might collapse or rust and the floor can become uneven and full of potholes that would need repair prior to installing a new liner. There are a few things you may want to try instead.
    1. You could allow the water to drop below the level of the leak and let it sit until spring.
    2. You could add bleach and sweep the pool to mix the water every couple of days.
    3. You could leave it as is and buy mosquito dunks to place in the water to combat the mosquitos.
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    Re: Poor Precious Putty Pool

    I wonder if has those mosquito dunks? LOL.

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