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Thread: Closing Oval AGP for Winter

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    Closing Oval AGP for Winter

    This will be year 4 and the previous 3 were a pain in the ***. We get a decent amount of rain/snow during the winter which causes the cover to push under the pool water level and then pool water pushes up through the little pinholes/cover material and floods the top of the cover, and the weight displaces water as it pushes down. After a while it yanks down so hard on the cover that it pulls on the side walls and I have to end up pumping it off the cover, which is really pumping out pool water. End result my level is 2ft by spring. I had a new idea this year, pulling the cover TIGHT so it does not drape down on the pool water, and having a high pillow or float in the center. Therefore rain runs off and hopefully snow slides off, I would just need to be on the ball for wet snow to go out with a broom every few inches adn sweep it off. Anyone ever try this, say using jugs of water around the cover to hold it tight? Also besides an air pillow, any good suggestions for a float in the center? The ice always pops my pillow or the pressure rips the rope off and displaces it.

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    Re: Closing Oval AGP for Winter

    If it was my pool I would...

    Maybe get a new cover
    not use a pillow, but use an automatic pump for example. ... B000O8F71U (when you use an automatic pump it keeps the rain puddle on the cover small which stops displacement of the pool water. Also by the time snow starts to accumulate on the cover the pool water should already be frozen enough to support the snow weight so there shouldn't be any displacement from a snow load.)
    Leave the water level in the pool high by using an Aquador and plugging off the return.
    Use a standard wire and winch (laced right).

    That's pretty much it, none of the pools I take care off have any issues with opening with 2 feet of water in the pool (unless there is actually a leak in the liner)
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    Re: Closing Oval AGP for Winter

    Thanks -

    I don't think there is a liner leak - throughout the summer (early May - September) I only have to add about 2" of water which I associate with sun burn off and splashing. My biggest issue is the cover being pushed under water and the pool water pushing up through which I pump off - essentially lowering the pool. I pulled the cover tighter this year so it doesn't touch the water and I'm trying to keep it pumped off as much as possible.

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