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Thread: Is this an OK method??

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    Is this an OK method??

    I was talking with a friend yesterday and learned of a new to me pool closing method. Its easier than the normal drain the skimmer and return line method, but is it legit? Swears he has done it this way for years. I am here to ask what downside there is to this method.

    The procedure is to run pump and add antifreeze directly to skimmers until it is visible coming thru return lines. Shut off pump. Plug return lines and install gizmos on skimmers. Place valve in winterize position. Your done.

    This is in Cincinnati OH and inground pool.

    Sounds too easy. What's the rest of the story?

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    Re: Is this an OK method??

    Wouldn't you get antifreeze in the pool this way?? Sounds like youll be running around trying to save very little work.

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    Re: Is this an OK method??

    Welcome to TFP!

    When winterizing it is best to have several layers of protection against freeze damage, so that if something goes wrong you still don't have expensive damage. The method your friend proposes doesn't have any backup. If anything at all goes wrong, there will be damage. Standard closing techniques usually have three layers of protection, so two different things can go wrong and there still won't be damage. It is actually fairly common for something to go wrong, so using a method like that runs some expensive risks.

    Leebo, getting anti-freeze in the pool is fine.
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    Re: Is this an OK method??

    I've not done this before so I'm asking for clarification, it's not standard automotive anti-freeze you're using right? I've heard of using RV anti-freeze and I've seen pool anti-freeze at the pool store. In the tradition of BBB what is the anti-freeze you're supposed to use, what is it made of, and where can you get it?
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    Re: Is this an OK method??

    Hey Sparks.
    I'm from Cincinnati also. To me, it's piece of mind to spend some extra time draining everything and adding Pool/RV anti-freeze to the empty lines then plug them. I'd rather spend the time now doing it, then opening next spring to find out I have to tear my yard and pool decking up to replace the plumbing from frozen pipes that had burst. I didn't see if you said he drained his filter. If he keeps water in his filter during the winter. The amount of freezing temps we get here would be enough to freeze it and cause serious damage.
    You have to ask yourself, is a couple of hours of prep worth it to you?

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