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Thread: Cover for Woodberg overflow drain

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    Cover for Woodberg overflow drain

    I live in south FL and during the summer, evaporation is a big problem with my in-ground pool, 19000 gals. Every few days we have to refill and inch or 2. We do get some incredible rains during the summer which refill the level nicely and more. Therein lies the problem: the pool has an over-flow drain that's shown on this site as a Woodberg drain: . We can get 3" of rain at a time, but over night it's gone and we're back to evaporation... Does anyone know of some sort of cap or stopper or something that can temporarily close up this drain so we can save some of the water when it rains? Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Re: Cover for Woodberg overflow drain

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    I have never seen one of these overflow drains in person but couldn't you just unscrew the cover and trace it onto another piece of metal or plastic (without the holes) and replace the drain cover with the new one you just made? It might not be 100% leak proof but it will definitely slow down the draining of the water.

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    Re: Cover for Woodberg overflow drain

    I bet that would work. Or, if you take your cover off, is there a pipe you can reach and just stick a plug in?
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    Re: Cover for Woodberg overflow drain

    Vinyl should work fine. Kinda how you winterize an aqua genie return. If you don't have access to a piece of vinyl big enough you can cut up a water bag or even a 2" backwash hose butterflied open
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    Re: Cover for Woodberg overflow drain

    Wow! What a GREAT Forum!! Thanks all for all the suggestions! Tracing the plate out and fabricating a "closed" blank is a GREAT idea and I actually might do that. I also contacted via PM the guy who posted that photo, Woodberg...he confirmed that he has exactly the same problem w/ his pool and he removed the front plate and found, as was suggested, that the pipe inside is just a threaded, round PVC pipe. He got a couple of pipe caps that screw right into that pipe, on 1 of them he cut the top off, so the pool can still drain, but just at a higher level and more slowly. Both are great solutions: the cap seems like it'd be the easier one, the new plate the cooler, more 'crafty' one...hmmm: the old " 'Cool' .vs. 'KISS' " dilemma.... Anyway, thanks again to all for your time and suggestions! Much appreciated!!

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    Re: Cover for Woodberg overflow drain

    Duct tape on the inside of the cover, leave the top 1/4 inch open. You've raised your water level and it can still drain. Bada boom bada bing.
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    Re: Cover for Woodberg overflow drain

    Quote Originally Posted by bobodaclown
    Duct tape on the inside of the cover, leave the top 1/4 inch open. You've raised your water level and it can still drain. Bada boom bada bing.
    Yet ANOTHER xlnt suggestion! But will the duct tape withstand the water/pressure??

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    Re: Cover for Woodberg overflow drain

    Hey Guys, I am no pool expert, but I wanted to stop my overflow drain up too - looks just like yours, but dark brown! We have well water for our subdivision with high levels of CH and water is very expensive here, so I want to keep all my rain water. Spoke to the pool store and they said there's nothing you can do - nothing holds. I like the suggestions here, but this weekend I unscrewed the drain cover and measured the pipe inside (2"). Found a 2" PVC pipe plug at Home Depot and screwed it in this morning. It's perfect -It was made for a plug like this! I didn't even bother with plumbers tape to make it a complete seal although I could have. I can take it out whenever I want -like when a hurricane is coming, etc. I screwed the face plate back on and you can't even tell it's there. It costs under a $1 -- and the pool store said there was nothing I could do. This was certainly easier than trying to make something myself.
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