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Thread: pool skimmers other than poolskim and dragonfly?

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    pool skimmers other than poolskim and dragonfly?

    I bought a house with a poorly designed infinity pool 16x40 ft. So I don't keep the water level up to the infinity edge, and the pool doesn't have built in skimmers/scuppers. It does have 2 powerful returns along the long wall (north) and the eyeballs direct the water to the south wall, the "infinity edge. The suction valve is located on the short side (west wall), but I don't use this either because the line has a slow leak somewhere. Pool bottom is kept very clean with Aquabot, but I do get a lot of insects, flower petals and olive leaves floating on teh surface, which I manually remove once or twice a day. I am looking to replace this last bit of "work". One last bit of background: the wind (and eyeball placement) push the debris towards the two edges of the infinity wall

    I am not sure the poolskim would work since it is positioned at the return valve (north), and I doubt the suction created will overcome the wind force pushing debris to the south wall.

    If they were available, I would position 2 electric skimmers, one at each edge of the south wall, and have them programmed to run a few hours every day

    Anyone know if these exist?

    Anyone have experience with the solar powered skimmer "solar breeze"? This costs $500 !!! and I cannot believe it creates enough energy for an effective suction

    Thanks for your thoughts

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    Re: pool skimmers other than poolskim and dragonfly?

    1) Infinity edges always lose more water than a regular pool.
    How do you know it's leaking?

    2) To what are you comparing it to that made you say it was poorly designed?

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