I bought a used hot tub that needed a pump . got the pump hooked up, filled it up and put power to it. all the display lights came on for a minute or so, then it flashed "CANC" and the "program" light was blinking. none of the buttons do anything. the pump seemed to be on low. i unplugged the topside control and plugged it back in and then it showed the water temp and time. the "heating" light was on. so i tried restarting it several times with no change. i let it run throughout the night and this morning woke up to it running the 1st pump on high and trying to kick on the 2nd pump. it would kick on and run for a second then stop. so i reset it again, now nothing is running and its saying "econ" along with the time and temp. the heater and heater control must work because its up to 105 and the heater light went off. like i said, none of the buttons on the topside control do anything. im wondering if they are collapsed as they dont make a "click" noise when you push them. the control unit is an acura spa systems powermaster circa 1999. the board in the control box says "applied computer controls 1998".
Update: after another restart I can get the 2nd pump to come on by pressing the set key..