I have a 1.5HP Hayward PowerFlo Matrix pump that is making noise. No issues with flow/output, but I have a feeling new bearings are going to be needed sooner than later, so I want to be prepared.

The motor is an AO Smith Century, R48Y frame. I'm 99% sure the bearings are the same as the above poster after reading the chart at the bottom of http://www.poolcenter.com/motor_parts.htm (although I'm not exactly sure about the difference between AO Smith 1 1/2 HP and a Century 1 1/2 HP).

Assuming I'm correct so far, what's the best tube to use to tap the new bearings into place? The tamping tool from the above website, or generic tubing using the dimensions from the above poster? If generic, can someone give me a little guidance on how to go about finding it?

(Disclaimer...I'm a pretty mechanical guy, I've just never done bearings before)

Thanks in advance.