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Thread: ~ What size air pillow? ~

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    ~ What size air pillow? ~

    I live in the Northeast, and I have a 30' round pool (52" deep). Covering the pool is NOT an option where I live. We had such a bad Winter that ice totally destroyed my 1-year-old cover. Just purchased a new one ~ a RipStopper. Unfortunately, the air pillow got a big hole also. However, the dingbats at my local pool store (who have been around for years and do have a good reputation) sold me a 4' x 15' rectangular air pillow, even though I told them my pool was ROUND and not oval. The pillow only had one grommet on one end, so needless to say even though we tied it on two ends, it didn't fit properly and ended up moving not long after the pool was covered.

    My question now is what size air pillow should I really buy? I don't want another huge, rectangular one. I want a round one but am just not sure exactly what size to get. I've done so much research, and there are so many different options and opinions. Help!
    Pool details:

    18x36 Vinyl In-Ground pool
    25,000-30,000 gallons (estimate, will know more when I can get in and get an average depth)
    DE filter
    Pump info unknown - I'll get that soon!

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    Re: ~ What size air pillow? ~

    You can use whatever size you want really. I personally do not use air pillows as they don't offer any benefit to me or the customers. Air pillows are sold usually as an ice expansion compensator. I personally don't believe it helps much in this way since the pillow floats on the surface (maybe having an inch below the surface). So it's not compensating for much of the ice when it does freeze. I close many above grounds every year and have yet to see any damage from ice expansion. When I do see a damaged pool it is usually a problem with the cover, the wire is usually placed beneath the skimmer or return line and the resulting pressure when a snow load gets on the cover rips the skimmer or return line upward out of the wall. When I close a pool I make sure the cover is laced properly and roll any excess cover to the top edge of the pool. I recommend using a rule automatic cover pump that can stay on all season through the winter. When the snow melts it is pumped off the cover leaving leaves behind to dry. Although I never personally used one I have heard people happy with the above ground covers that have a weighted drain in the middle that attaches to the return line outlet to drain. So basically the cover funnels all the water out the return line.
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