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Thread: Best of both Worlds (Gas/Heat Pump)

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    Best of both Worlds (Gas/Heat Pump)

    Anyone have both heaters plumbed? I may have a lead on a one year old hayward h300 to go along with my new Summit 8TA. Thinking may be able to get extended season AND more efficient throught the summer.

    Any pictures of both plumbed would be great!



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    Re: Best of both Worlds (Gas/Heat Pump)

    I have both. I just plumbed them in series. Filter to heat pump, heat pump to gas, gas to chlorine generator, back out to pool.
    14,000 gallon IG, Vinyl. Hayward 3/4 hp superpump, Penatair IC40 SWCG, Pentair automation, Hayward sand filter, Aqua Comfort heat pump, Hayward 400k Lo-Nox LP heater.

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    Re: Best of both Worlds (Gas/Heat Pump)

    Looks like this is the direction I will be going in. Summit 8TA and a never used, Pentair Mastertemp 300 gas heater. Now I have to upgrade my automation from Hayward PL-Plus (aqua logic) to the PL-PS-4 (pro logic) to support two heaters. Probably a $200-$300 cost difference.

    I simply couldn't pass up the Mastertemp 300 at $600.

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    Re: Best of both Worlds (Gas/Heat Pump)

    I ended up stumbling on a better deal. My dual solution is Summit 8TA and I found a new Mastertemp 400HD (NG) on ebay for a steal, still in crate @ $1,000.

    I upgraded my automation to a Hayward Prologic PL-PS-8 for future growth. Now what I would like to do is automate the selection of the appropriate heater at the right time. Can my automation be setup to have any heat call when outside temp is below 70F come from gas heater and anything above 70F come from heat pump?

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    Re: Best of both Worlds (Gas/Heat Pump)

    I just found this in the manual. I think this gives me most of what I was looking for with the exception of the air temp setting. Anyone know if that can be set to a higher value?

    Heater2 is Heatpump
    This menu appears in the Heater2 configuration menu if Heater2 is enabled. If set to “Yes”, Heater2
    will only be allowed to be on if the Air Temperature is > 50°F. Also, two new menus, Spa Heater2
    Priority and Pool Heater2 Priority, will appear in the Settings Menu. Refer to the Settings Menu for
    more information on these new menus.

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    Re: Best of both Worlds (Gas/Heat Pump)

    After discussing with Goldline support - There is no way to set the > 50F to a different number. Nor is there anyway via the PS-8 to do what I wanted. If anyone can think of another way, please let me know.

    Thanks! Ted

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