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Thread: Early Closing?

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    Early Closing?

    I know that most posts seem to recommend that the pool remain open until the water temp stays consistently below 60 degrees. However, in my yard, the latter part of September is when the trees (my neighbor's ) really begin to dump their leaves, needles, etc. and that is why I have generally closed the pool around mid-September. Since this is my first season of BBB, I have a few questions.

    1. I learned how to close my pool by watching the poool guys do it - and repeated their procedure over the many years that I have done it. Their chemical procedure, other than lowering, blowing lines, etc. was to dump 4 gallons of shock and 4 gallons of "winterizer" into the pool then put the cover on. I have polyquat and have brought my pool to shock level and am preparing to close this weekend. In addition to an initial dose of polyquat, do I dose even more bleach immediately prior to putting the cover on (Meyco Mesh)?

    2. Since I am closing earlier than many recommend, should I add bleach every now and again until the temps get colder? What about testing? I can probably do some circulation of pool water with a generic sump pump and hose if that would work.

    3. Last year, after I blew out the main drain and closed the ball valve, I heard a very faint hiss which was probably air leaking out past the valve - I had no ill effects this season, but is there anything I can do as a preventative measure? Unfortunately, the way the pipes from the skimmer and main drain are configured would not allow a complete plugging of the main drain only without also plugging the skimmer line, but maybe that is no big deal with gizzmos and antifreeze in the line)

    Generally, when I open the pool it is mildly murky and greenish from the small particles that get through the cover, but I usually can get it crystal clear and clean after 2 full days of filter operation with a few DE changes and a polaris run.

    I guess my overall concern is the chemical issue of an early closing after a season of BBB and how that will impact next year's opening. Any input on any of my concerns would be greatly appreciated.


    Pool: 25,000 gal.(appx.)/IG/Vinyl/DE
    1.5 HP superpump / Filter Flow Rate - 72gpm (as per spec.)
    Hayward 300,000 BTU natural gas heater / Polaris 380
    Long Island, NY

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    Re: Early Closing?

    Yes, adding bleach and circulating for a spell with a small pump is a good idea every other week and second quart of Poly 60 every other bleach addition will help.

    Use a rubber winter plug in the pump mouth. A #8 size fits in a Hayward Super Pump with 1-1/2" plumbing and a #10 for 2" openings. The hiss is air escaping. If air get out, water comes in.

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