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Thread: which of the 3 "B"s to start with, 1st this then that

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    which of the 3 "B"s to start with, 1st this then that

    longtime reader first post, thanks in advance for sharing knowledge and experience.
    PHOENIX AZ. DARK green cloudy water for last 9 days - Im concerned Im waisting this or that because levels are soo out of balance, I am comfortable with TF-100 and pool calc usage but I am inexperience in execution.

    date 9-14 6pm 96ish deg. 9-18 12pm 98 deg.

    FC 0 FC 4.5
    CC 0 CC .5
    TC 0 TC 5
    T/A 50 TA 110
    CYA 90 CYA 100

    I AM ABOUT TO ADD 5.8 GALLONS OF 13% LIQUID CHLORINE - how long do I have to keep FC at 39 to kill the beast?? is waiting till dark to add CHLOR worth it??
    how is it the chlor level drops so quickly when my CYA is so high?

    22K gal, Sand, IG plaster, hayward vac, 2hp 150GPM, 4' to 9' kidney shaped. TF-100, BBB. previous owner disabled main drain and I removed SWG, (high solids) will drain after season. PHOENIX AZ

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    Re: which of the 3 "B"s to start with, 1st this then that

    Welcome, eli

    I'd say start with a D -- drain

    You need to shock, and if the CYA is 90, that's going to be very difficult. It will take huge quantities of bleach. HUGE. Think of buying chlorine in drums, not jugs. The ultra-high CH gives a second reason to drain. Essentially, you need to lose 2/3 of the water, and replace it with fresh water.

    Or, since you're in Phoenix, one of the few areas this is available, contact for Reverse Osmosis. They will remove the CYA, Calcium, actually anything that isn't a water molecule, and then balance the water for you before they leave. You'll lose maybe 2000 gallons that way.

    If you choose not to try Reverse Osmosis from Calsaway, then drain a bunch of water, refill, let it mix, and post the new numbers and we can guide you. You might want to start reading Pool School. Link's up in the right corner of this page.
    16K freeform gunite with spa; Pentair 4000 DE filter; Century Whisperflow 1 HP; Pentair Minimax heater.
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    Re: which of the 3 "B"s to start with, 1st this then that

    1. Fix your pH....get it up to 7.2 or so using 20 mule team borax.

    2. Most likely forget the pool party. Your 12 gallons CYA is soooo high (take out that floater) it will take massive amounts ( maybe like 14 gallons) of 6% bleach just to get to shock value and then you will need to sustain it until party are probably looking at 30-40 gallons of bleach to have any chance of clearing the bpool so quickly and it will still probably be a cloudy blue as the filter will not be able to clear up the dead algae that quickly.

    3. Finally, as Richard says, I would suggest you drain the pool to get your CYA down and your CH as well (test your fill water for CH) Read in Pool School about how to manage CYA and CH......your pool needs a lot of work but we'll help you do it.......just don't think it can be done in two days.

    Lastly, you will make more mistakes if you go to the pool store hoping for a "magic bullet" that will clear your pool.....there isn't anything made that will do what you want in the time you want it done.
    Dave S.
    42k vinyl and concrete pool, 1.5hp pump, 140gpm filter
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