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Thread: Jandy PDA confusion

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    Jandy PDA confusion

    Hello. My parents installed a new heater with a Jandy PDA, and nobody explained to them how to us it. I'm trying to help them, but the manual is missing some info I need. Can someone help me with these questions?

    1. What's the difference between having POOL MODE ON and going to EQUIPMENT ON/OFF and turning on the pool heater and pump?
    2. If I have an automatic program that sets the pump to turn on at a certain time, is that overridden by the POOL MODE? In other words, if I have POOL MODE turned to 82 degrees, will it turn off when it hits 82 or will it turn off at the designated program time to turn off?
    3. What does it mean when it says ENA next to SPA HEATER or POOL HEATER? What's the difference between ENA and ON or OFF?

    Thanks so much!

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    Re: Jandy PDA confusion

    Here's the manual... ... k-PDA.aspx

    At the bottom of the page, click on 'downloads' and then "H0572300.pdf"
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    Re: Jandy PDA confusion

    Thanks. Unfortunately, I have the manual already, but it does not answer my questions.

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    Re: Jandy PDA confusion

    1. No difference.
    2. Temperature controls the heater only, and the heater can only run when the pump is running. So, setting to 82 just means that the heater will run when the water is < 82 and the pump is running. Turning off the pump or having a program that turns off the pump will not affect the heater setting at all.
    3. ENA means enabled. The heater can be:
    OFF: will not come on at all
    ON: heater is running. This will only happen when the pump is on.
    ENA: heater is enabled, but not running because it is not needed. The pump is not running or the water is warm enough. When the water gets below the set point (82 in this case), the heater will come on (if the pump is running).

    The Jandy systems tries to make it easy for you.
    - Set the temperature you want.
    - Program the time you want to run the pump.
    - The system will turn the pump off and on at the given times, and if needed it will turn on the heater while the pump is running.

    The Jandy system has POOL MODE and SPA MODE. If you don't have a spa, then you will always be in pool mode. The system can be in either POOL MODE or SPA MODE but not both. It can also be off.

    POOL MODE means that the valves are set for pool circulation and the POOL temperature determines whether or not to run the heater.

    SPA MODE means that the valves are set for spa circulation and the SPA temperature determines whether or not to run the heater.

    Usually, the SPA temperature is much higher (~100 or whatever your preference is) than the POOL temperature (82 in your case). Having two modes lets you set the two temps for each, separately, and program run times for the two (POOL, SPA) separately.
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    Re: Jandy PDA confusion

    Thank you!

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