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Thread: Is Algecide ever necessary?

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    Is Algecide ever necessary?

    My pool is crystal clear thanks in large part to advice received here. A neighbor however is not so lucky.
    He has yellow algae and is trying different algecides that give him some temporary repreives but ultimately fail.
    He won't let me test his water with my taylor 2006 insisting that the "professionals" are guiding him.
    I have been telling him that I don't think he needs algecide, but to bring his chlorine to shock level keep all other factors in balance and keep the pump running and clean.
    with daily monitoring, once clear his water will stay that way.
    He is now going to try a third brand of algecide that he was assured would do the trick.
    What's the story with algecide's ...thanks
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    Re: Is Algecide ever necessary?

    The story is, algaecides don't work well on algae. Chlorine does though.

    Algaecide will never clear his pool of mustard algae. He needs to read the mustard algae section in pool school, use chlorine and learn how to properly shock his pool. There's nothing you can do to help him until he is ready to listen, let you test, and learn about it.

    The best thing you can do is keep your own pool sparkling clear. At some point, he'll notice, become jealous, withdraw from speaking to you out of pride... and maybe eventually decide you're not insane and ask for help.
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    Re: Is Algecide ever necessary?

    Algecide as a product is really a misnomer. They may help prevent the formation of algae, but they are not very helpful in clearing it up, as in your neighbor's case. Odds are the "pool professional" he is trusting doesn't even own a pool and as such has no real world experience in caring for one. In a properly chlorinated pool, you will not have algae blooms start. The only times I have had algae is when I got lazy and skipped too many days testing and adding chlorine.

    Odds are, his CYA is too high and he is not using enough chlorine in his pool. You can let him know your help is available but don't push. Pool care is truly a case of leading a horse to water but you can't make them drink. Eventually he may tire of trying everything under the sun and ask how you really keep your pool so nice!
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    Re: Is Algecide ever necessary?

    Don't be surprised that the "professionals" eventually give him a sodium bromide algaecide that essentially turns his pool into a bromine one and that the yellow/mustard algae are then killed. Of course, the real root of the problem is likely high CYA levels that makes the chlorine less effective unless proportionately raised higher so adding bromide to the pool to create bromine works around that, but at the cost of higher daily oxidizer demand and other side effects from bromine. Or they may add a copper sulfate product that might kill the algae, but then stains the pool surfaces unless the pH is always kept low. So your neighbor may very well get his algae problem "cured" not realizing the side effects nor the fact that he could have solved the problem with chlorine alone had he done proper testing and management.

    As for algaecide ever being necessary, it is useful when one knows the chlorine level will be very low or zero such as during an ascorbic acid treatment or when closing the pool for the winter where the algaecide may last longer than the chlorine.
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    Re: Is Algecide ever necessary?

    A few months ago, I never knew how big of a scam pool companies were. Now, it's crystal clear (pun intended) how bad they are. Your friend sounds like he needs to learn the hard way. I too, trusted pool companies for a few weeks when I moved into my new house with a pool. But, after searching and reading A LOT, I stumbled across this site and I'm SO happy! Beautiful pool and it couldn't be easier.... I wish I could show your friend my pool!
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