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Thread: Do-it-yourself calcium removal?

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    Do-it-yourself calcium removal?

    Hi all, I have very hard water in my region. This company was on the news last year: If I recall, the news showed them putting something in that precipitated most of the calcium to the bottom off the pool, then sucked it out via hoses to filter screens on a truck, then they returned the clear water back into the pool.

    Does anyone know of any DIY method to remove decent amounts of calcium from pool water?
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    Re: Do-it-yourself calcium removal?


    Calsaway does reverse osmosis. It's more complicated than this, but essentially think of a super-fine screen. It filters out everything that isn't a water molecule. Everything. Calcium, salt, metals, cya, chlorine...

    Most of your bottled drinking waters (maybe all of them) have water purified by reverse osmosis, and then they add minerals back to make it taste better!

    For the homeowner, it's drain and refill. Rainwater is good, as it has no calcium in it!
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    Re: Do-it-yourself calcium removal?

    Those reverse osmosis companies do a pretty good job. I like to think of it as dialysis for your pool. Not sure on pricing, but they are quite effective.

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    Re: Do-it-yourself calcium removal?

    Water softener resins also work. Takes time to get a low CH level, and then you have to soften your fill water. I did it on my pool. Went from a high of 600 ppm CH down to 280 ppm.
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    Re: Do-it-yourself calcium removal?

    It could be an Oxalic acid treatment.
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