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Thread: Jandy Aquapure and Intelliflo not playing nicely...

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    Jandy Aquapure and Intelliflo not playing nicely...

    First Post here. This forum is very helpful and informative especially to a pool noob like myself.
    I have a question, a few actually.

    Here is the background info about my system.
    I have a Jandy Aquapure system and it has been running for fine for about 7 months.
    It was running on a timer with a whisperflow 1hp pump.

    I recently installed an intelliflo system. The pump and aquapure system is still hooked up to the timer (but with the off/on ears taken off, so it is always on)

    So that brings me to today and a few observations I have made about my new setup.

    first configuration post pump installation: we had the pump running for about 10 hours a day,
    I noticed that the salt water system always showed "flow" even when the pump was not running. After looking at the manual this was a dangerous mode to operate in and could lead to fire or explosion. yikes. So it seems like the flow sensor might be wonky. the pool builder came out to check this out and said that it is a problem with the wiring of the pump and didn't want to touch the system since he didn't install the pump. But I am not sure how the wiring would affect this.

    so this brings me to the second post pump installation configuration: decided to turn the pump on 24 hours a day so there is always flow. Just wanted to do a workaround until I could sort things out. I have it running 24 hours, but I am losing prime on the pump. It doesn't lose the prime outright, but it slows to a trickle.

    so this bring me to the third post pump installation configuration: i have the schedule for the pump to run in 3 shifts. each shift 3 hours with about a 3 minute stoppage of the pump in between shifts. This lets the system re-prime. I am still losing prime and I can't put my finger on it. It sometimes loses prime after as few as 3 hours, and sometimes it lasts much longer 8 hours (without touching anything). So currently, the priming is hit or miss, and I often start and stop the pump outside of the schedule just to get it primed.

    So a few questions:

    Flow Sensor: Could be be caused by a miswired pump. The installer didn't tie the power between the pump and salt water system. There is a wiring diagram with the salt water system, but it looked like the diagram not for a variable speed pump. Is it necessary to tie these two in together?

    Timer: has anyone used both a timer and the variable speed pump scheduler in tandem. I did a check and flipped the power on and off. When the power was off, it cut off power to both salt system and pool pump (put the pump in alarm). And when the power was put back on, it started up again. Seems like this could be an outside solution.

    I am stuck because the salt water installer, and the pool pump installer are pointing fingers at eachother. So I am reaching out to the boards. Any advice is appreciated.

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    Re: Jandy Aquapure and Intelliflo not playing nicely...

    one correction, i have the pump running in 3 shifts of 8 hours each.. i wrote 3 shifts of 3 hours in the post. ooops.

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    Re: Jandy Aquapure and Intelliflo not playing nicely...

    On my Jandy system, when the pump is on, the SWG is on, when the pump is off, the SWG is off. So I assume the pump and the SWG are tied to the same power source. In the house, I have a RS Link (just a fancy timer) that turns the systems on and off to my settings using relays.

    I noticed that the salt water system always showed "flow" even when the pump was not running.
    It seems to me, some wiring changes were made with the new pump. Now the timer does not turn off both the pump and the SWG, which is problematic. So since there was wiring changes, you will need to program the pump to run from time A to time B, and then go set the timer on the SWG to run from A + 10 minutes to time B - 10 minutes (or whatever) Whenever you fiddle with the Pump timer, you have to fiddle with the SWG timer.

    It should be possible to wire the SWG power source to the Pump power source so you do not have to do this. It may take another relay to do this, so you are going to have to get either one of the two installers to figure it out, or maybe hire a 3rd guy to straighten out the wiring.

    Probably didn't tell you anything you already did not know. Good Luck.
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    Re: Jandy Aquapure and Intelliflo not playing nicely...

    Wire the Pump directly to the breaker. You can achieve this by moving the pump wires from the load terminals on the time clock to the line terminals. Program the pump to run however long you need. Put the trippers back on the time clock and set them to turn on(the swcg) shortly after you have the pump come on, and go off shortly before the pump shuts off. This is assuming that the Aqua-pure wiring is run directly to the time clock, and not daisy chained from the pump motor.

    Only drawback is that the pumps drive can recover from a power outage, the time clock cannot, and time must be reset. That is the easiest way to do it, though not perfect.
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