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Thread: Acid in new Pool, bleached plaster?

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    Acid in new Pool, bleached plaster?

    So on start up of the pool the PB added 4 gallons of Muratic Acid to my green water while the pump was running by walking around the pool and pouring the acid in straight out of the bottle. Since then I have been trying to keep pH under control and adding acid as well while the pump is running by walking it around the perimeter of the pool. I have added 5 gallons, no more than 1 gallon at a time. This is over the course of about 2 weeks. Thus, 9 gallons total. I have Wet Edge Satin Matrix Northshore Carribbean plaster. I just noticed this evening that there is a line in the bottom of the pool around the perimeter where the plaster looks much lighter than the middle of the pool. You can only notice it when the sun goes down, but still enough light out to see in the pool. It basically makes the center of the pool look very dirty!! Being that acid is heavier than water do you think that the acid is sinking to the bottom and bleaching my plaster? Is this the normal way that acid is added? The PB told me to add it this way to lower the pH and to lower the TA to just add it in the deep end. I have also added bleach and 10% liquid chlorine the same way. So my question is should I be diluting the acid or the liquid chlorine before dumping in the pool? Or is this just a coincidence that the plaster looks this way from fabrication? I don't like the mottled look of plaster as this is one reason why I chose the pebble, and now it is starting to look very mottled
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    Re: Acid in new Pool, bleached plaster?

    Probably the best way to add acid to a pool is to lower the jug gently into the water in front of a return and let the acid pour slowly into the return stream from a height of only a few inches. The idea being to dilute the acid as quickly and effectively as possible. For that matter, most liquids can be safely added the same way.

    There is no advantage to walking around the pool.....only disadvantages in that a spill is more likley.
    The PB told me to add it this way to lower the pH and to lower the TA to just add it in the deep end.
    Regardless of how (or where) you pour it in, the effect of acid on TA and pH will be identical.

    What effect this has had on the plaster is not something that will be easy to determine.
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