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Thread: How to add chemicals, etc.

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    How to add chemicals, etc.

    Here's a real newbie question - well, actually a few. I've tried to search the forum for these answers, but I think they are either to basic to find or I'm just not searching properly.

    1. How should I add chemicals to my pool? Specifically, when I add Borax or baking soda, should I make a point of walking around the deep end, sprinkling as best I can? Or should I dump it in the skimmer? Or should I just dump it in front of a return? (And by "dump" I really mean sprinkle slowly.) Finally, should I worry about any lumps that make it to the bottom of the pool? I've been brushing them away when I notice, but I don't know if it's really a concern.

    2. I'm using BBB, but also using up a container of the 3" tablets that I bought at Costco at the beginning of this summer before I got religious about BBB (there's still quite a lot left, btw). Once they're gone, should I just use Clorox regularly? How much per day? How do I calculate that (see my stats below)? Do I need to add bleach every day? Or would a couple times per week be sufficient?

    3. I have successfully used "Sparkle Conquest" to get rid of stains on my vinyl liner and "Improve" water clarifier when it's gotten unexpectedly cloudy. Are there any supermarket (i.e., cheaper) products that I could substitute and get the same results?

    Thanks in advance for your wisdom (or unsubstantiated opinions - lord knows I have plenty of those myself!),

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    Re: How to add chemicals, etc.

    1. Sprinkle the dry chemicals around the perimeter of the pool with the pump running, then brush the sides and bottom well to help them dissolve.
    2. Keep in mind when using the tablets that they will increase your CYA. I can't tell you whether or not it is wise for you to continue using tablets without knowing your CYA level. Posting a complete set of test results would be helpful. You can use The Pool Calculator to determine how much bleach you would need.
    3. Sparkle Conquest is a sequestering agent. That means it binds to minerals/metals and keeps them suspended in the pool water so they do not deposit as stains on the surfaces of your pool. At this time there is no grocery store equivalent for a sequestering agent. Do you know what metals you have in your water and wear they may have come from? If it does not come from your source water then you can drain the pool and replace it with metal free water. Then you will not need a sequestering agent.
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    Re: How to add chemicals, etc.

    Don't feel that you need to use up all of the 3" tablets. They are very handy to keep in reserve for when you go on vacation. If you are testing your CYA levels you will know if you have the luxury of depending on tablets for that week you are gone. I like to start the season just a bit low on CYA so I can fill up the chlorinator as I leave for the airport. I still have someone check the pool; the water level and the skimmer. But at least they don't have to test every day for me.
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