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Thread: debris under liner, squishy steps questions

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    debris under liner, squishy steps questions

    I had an 18x36 vinyl lined IG installed this spring. This is my first pool and TFP has been a great resource on all pool matters. I am still "under construction" as the permanent fence has ye to be installed, the pool house yet to be built and the pavers not yet installed. Thank you for all information to get me this far! After working through most issues I have a couple questions and how to handle them.

    1. There are 3 (or more) small stones under the liner. The floor of the pool under the liner is vermiculite. These stones seem to be the size of a pencil eraser (a sharp one). I am concerned these will eventually weaken the liner to the point of failure. I have no experience with this and I am not sure if my concerns are warranted. Should the contractor be accountable to remove this debris? Should I be satisfied with a simple preventative patch over the stone?

    2. The pool has 8' stairs at one end. When I put weight on the top of the stair unit on the sides (the area flush with the surrounding concrete) this section of the stairs noticeable deflect. I do not notice any deflection when on walking on the actually stairs, only the top along the sides. The edge is wider molded plastic (maybe 5"). Perhaps it is simply this plastic deflecting. I am not sure this is normal or a sign of trouble.

    Any advice would be much appreciated. I included a picture because everyone likes pictures.
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    Re: debris under liner, squishy steps questions

    Welcome to TFP!!

    The PB is responsible to fix both your issues! (he's not gonna like the step issue )

    The floor should have been thoroughly swept before the liner was dropped, sharp pebbles are unacceptable! The stairs ought NOT deflect!

    Talk with him and do NOT pay another penny until these issues are fixed!!

    We're here to help but $$ is going to make him address the issues more quickly
    Luv& Luk

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    Re: debris under liner, squishy steps questions

    Thanks for the advice. I will speak with the builder about my concerns. I have already paid in full as he completed the job as far as I knew. The pool was up and running and holding water. I have discovered the stones over time. The builder has been very good at addressing my concerns so far, lets hope he continues to please me.

    What would the fix be for the stones under the liner? Is it as simple as draining the pool, pulling the liner, sweeping and a reinstall? Sounds simple but time consuming and there is all that water.......

    Thanks again!

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