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Thread: IntelliTouch - EasyTouch redux

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    IntelliTouch - EasyTouch redux

    Pentair automation experts,

    I've searched the forums and read every post involving the IntelliTouch and Easy Touch, but I'm still stumped. I need to make a decision soon for my PB. Here is the situation:

    My contract specifies the IntelliTouch I9+3 with indoor controller and remote. For some strange reason (related to PB not knowing the products, I believe), I thought I was getting the IntelliTouch indoor screen plus the EasyTouch remote. Now I know they don't work together.

    My PB says I don't need IntelliTouch. He says I'll never use all the features of IntelliTouch and if I go with EasyTouch indoor controller and remote, he'll give me a $600 credit. PB claims that IntelliTouch is older tech and will be discontinued soon. This seems hard to believe since it is their premier system. Of course they sell more EasyTouch due to the price point, but I'd think there would still be a higher end market for the IntelliTouch.

    My build:
    - 14K gal free form with attached spa.
    - Pentair VF pump (did I waste money here over the VS since I'm getting automation?)
    - Polaris w/ booster
    - Pentair gas heater, DE filter, and IC-40
    - 2 IntelliBrite lights in pool, 1 in spa
    - 3 scuppers and bubbler in pool; 1 fountain in spa - these are all individually valved. He said something about them being easier to balance. I think he plans to set most of them one time and leave alone. I have like 10 valves back there, but with only 1 pump, I can only operate the water features when in main pool mode.

    - I insist on a wired indoor controller.
    - I think the IntelliTouch indoor controller looks better and easier to read than the EasyTouch, but I've only seen the brochures.
    - I think the ET wireless remote looks nicer and more water resistent than the IT wireless remote.
    - The $600 credit isn't a huge consideration, though I'm not made of money, so if there is limited benefit, I don't need to spend it. In the context of this big expense though...
    - PB seems to have some confusion about the word "remote." Once the PB said my IT package would include the indoor controller and iPhone interface; once he said the indoor controller and wireless remote.
    - I am migrating from Blackberry to iPhone soon, though I don't know about having my phone around a wet pool area to use as a remote control. I do think it would be neat to check settings and control the pool over the internet from PCs at home or work though. I understand this same functionality is available now for ET as well as IT.
    - I don't visualize wanting to control much else. The yard is pretty small. Not sure about landscape lighting yet.
    - I understand the IT gives me more control over my LED lights, but I don't know specifically what the control differences are between the IT and ET.

    Which would you choose and why, please, in my situation? What are the specific advantages of the IT in this set up?


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    Re: IntelliTouch - EasyTouch redux

    I'm no expert in this matter, and am in the same boat (e.g. deciding on the Intellitouch vs. Easytouch). But, my understanding is that the Intellitouch has lots more options for automation that the Easytouch. However, for running most if not all typical pool functions, the Easytouch is sufficient. Also, it has been posted here that the Easytouch will soon support Pentair's automation software, meaning that it would be possibly to control your pool functions remotely via an iTouch or remote computer. I'm holding off on automation until I get a clear answer from Pentair on when and if this will happen. If not, I may just end up going with Hayward automation. In my case, this is part of a retrofit, not a new build. So, I'm a little more sensitive to the price point. Even so, $600 doesn't seem that big of a difference to me either. What you really need to have them nail down is EXACTLY what you will be getting with your IT because each add on is quite expensive!
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    Re: IntelliTouch - EasyTouch redux

    Does anyone know the difference between the obsoleted 520509 version and newer 521221 version of the i9+3 personality kits?


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    Re: IntelliTouch - EasyTouch redux

    1. Although the easytouch may be suited better for your setup, the Intellitouch is MUCH more user friendly. If you don't touch a button on the easy touch for a couple of months, you may need to brush up on navigating the menu tree before using it again. This is a customer complaint that i get.

    2. As far as the different numbers, i think that's all that it is. Pentair changed part numbers on the automation parts but didn't see a change in the equipment. I will probably look into the change when it slows down a bit.
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