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Thread: Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark getting "stuck" to liner

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    Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark getting "stuck" to liner

    Hi All - Have Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark about one year old, purchased at the same time we replaced vinyl liner and pump and filter in our 20,000 gallon 18x36 in-ground in AZ.

    For the most part I have been pretty happy with it, if it gets stuck on wall or corner it usually eventually gets itself free. At times it does not move as fast as I think it should and this is with all filters cleaned, etc.

    The past week I keep finding it stuck against the same wall in just about the same spot and when I say stuck, I mean STUCK. It feels like it's suctioned to the liner. The paddles are not moving or attempting to move but there is still plenty of suction, to the point where I need to really tug on it to get it lose and set it free. I have never had this happen and it has happened 5-6 times in the last week.

    Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? This time of year in AZ I can't afford to not have the cleaning ability and water movement (we usually are fighting mustard algae around this time). I don't think anything should be worn out after only a year of use but if so what else could be causing this? The other concern is the liner, if the suction is not moving the paddles and just sucking the liner I don't want it to damage it.

    Thanks all
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    Re: Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark getting "stuck" to liner

    UPDATE: Well I have spent the past few days trying to adjust hose lengths, hose weights, directional flow in pool. Nothing seems to help. It either will still get stuck to liner or will get stuck in another corner (not suctioned to liner) and not be able to get out and last night it wrapped itself up like a snake! That has never happened before!

    I am out of ideas, I called the tech support where I bought it and they did not have a clue what could be causing it.

    Is it possible some of the internals are junk on the unit?! It's barely a year old. They directed me to contact Pentair which I will probably do but not sure what help I will get there. I am hesitant to call up any pool person because I do all my own up keep and I wouldn't know where to start in finding someone who might actually be able to troubleshoot.

    I am open to all suggestions at this point.
    Pool: 36x18 in-ground vinyl pool, Pentair Whisper-Flo 1.5 HP pump, Pentair 4.9 TR-100 sand filter, Tighwatt digital timer, Sand Shark suction side cleaner

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    Re: Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark getting "stuck" to liner

    My first thought when I read this a few days back, was that the suction is too strong.

    I do not have one of these cleaners, nor any type of automatic cleaner, but typically if something is working and then suddenly stops, it is because something has changed. Also, it seems that all of the "adjustments" you have tried, have only made things worse.

    My thought, then would to put all the hose adjustments back to the way it was when it last worked okay, and try determine if the suction is out of range. I beleive these things have a suction regulator, which might need cleaning or repaired, possibly replaced. Also, I imagine these things have some type of vinyl pad that goes against the vinyl surface of the pool that eventually wears down due to constant fiction, that may need to be adjusted or replaced. Maybe one of those hose sections is partially clogged with debris?

    Manufactor may be able to help you or may just sell you a bunch of replacement parts that you do not need.
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    Re: Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark getting "stuck" to liner

    I've heard that this can happen with Vinyl liners and creepy crawlies. The advise that I read said to baby sit it when it is on and be prepared to give it bit of a tug as soon as it stops moving. I got in with mine this morning and directed it to the places that needed a good cleaning, and tugged on it when it got to an area that it had been stuck on earlier and it didn't get a chance to really adhere to the liner. It didn't take me to long to do it either, our pump is quite strong and it was really zipping around. Before I got in the pool (I needed to fetch out a few things that had fallen in anyway, gosh darn it was really cold lol) I just pulled on the hose and kept it moving.

    Because it has changed it's behaviour I would ring up Pentair and just see what they say, they might replace or repair it for you. Even if that happens though I would still baby sit it when it is operating, they can suck a hole in the liner if left for to long in one spot
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