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Thread: Post Hurricane Irene numbers. Please help me balance

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    Post Hurricane Irene numbers. Please help me balance

    So I went out to the pool and cleaned up the leaves and twigs and mulch that were in the pool and brushed down the walls and skimmed the top. I tested the numbers with my test kit. Here they are below

    cl 2-4 range
    ph about 7.3
    cya 60
    alk 75
    ch 150
    salt swg says 3200

    i also went to the pool store(this one all season has been pretty much in line with my numbers)
    there readings are from a test strip they insert into a computer reader except for salt and cya that they test manualy
    cl 3.5
    fc 3.4
    cya 55
    ph 7.2
    tot alk 85
    adj tot alk 68
    ch 183
    salt 2600
    My pool water was pretty clear, now its a little cloudy in the deep end i am thinking because i brushed up the leaves and also brushed the walls that had a little algae on it in the deep end and only on one side of the deep end roman end.
    i have a mod media filter, swg pool pilot dig220 sc 48 cell, vynyl lined pool 18 x 36 with two 4 foot roman ends about 31000 gallons.
    pool store carries only biogard products. they told me to add about 6 pounds of balnace pak 100 to increase alk and wait 2 hours, pool store also said it will raise ph a little then after 2 hours add 8 pounds of balance pak 300 to increase hardness. he did say that instead of the bal pak 100 i can use baking soda which is the same thing. he siad cya is okay rigtht now. i also picked up some calcium harness increaser from walmart last week i have 12 pounds of that by hth. what are the recoomendations from you guys to balance my water.. also is the chlorine level a little high. all season long its been around 1.7 to no more than 2 ever. we did get about 6 inches of rain frome Irene, and prior i had emptied about 4 inches before she hit.

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    Re: Post Hurricane Irene numbers. Please help me balance

    Don't raise TA. Our recommended TA level with a SWG is 60-80 and you are already at the high end of that range.

    If you have a vinyl pool there is no need for calcium, but if you have a plaster pool you need to add some calcium right away.

    Brushing can stir up dust and cause the water to get cloudy for a little while. It should get filtered out or settle in a few hours to a day. If it gets worse it could be algae, but that seems unlikely from your description.

    It's near the end of the season and the SWG is happy with the salt level, so I would leave that alone.
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    Re: Post Hurricane Irene numbers. Please help me balance

    The only reason with the calcium is that I know the equipment might get corroded if the water doesnt have enough calcium in it. I was told the watrer will look for the calcium in the motor, pump, filter,swg, etc. Isnt the cya at 55 a little low???

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    Re: Post Hurricane Irene numbers. Please help me balance

    To little calcium in a vinyl lined pool is harmless. It has no affect on the equipment.

    The CYA might be a little bit low but I wouldn't bother adjusting it this late in the season unless you have a lot of swim days left.
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