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Thread: Funky stuff on Goldline Controls

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    Funky stuff on Goldline Controls

    Hi there everyone. My first post after lurking on here for awhile...

    I've been thrown in the deep end on maintaining our family's first pool. It's been an educational Summer! We have a vinyl lined pool (about 115,000 litres) with a Goldline Prologic controller P4, Hayward cartridge filter, Hayward T-15 Salt Cell, 120v Hayward electric pump.

    Fought the water all Summer with the pool company until I got tired of throwing in buckets of money, er I mean chemical all Summer. Couldn't get a chlorine reading after shocking with Biogaurd Burnout Extreme. Eventually went with the HTH stuff and viola, I have measurable chlorine for a fraction of the cost of the other buckets of stuff.

    Now for the odd part... A few weeks ago I woke up to an indicated water temperature of about 60F. It has been hot out (90F +) so I knew that the water hadn't dropped from 84F to 60F overnight. Swapped the leads on the Air and Water sensor to see if I could get the water sensor to read something else accurately. Once I disconnected both leads and reconnected it worked. Now it showed that my pool was a balmy 94F, which was true. Didn't happen again until just the other day. But this time I have other gremlins that have me concerned. The indicated mineral is showing 600PPM. I had it tested at about 4,000PPM. So now the chlorinator won't fire up. Not great! The part that really has me baffled though is that the pump has stopped 3-4 times in the last week. All that's required to re-start is to hit the FILTER button and away it goes for a day or two. I get the INSPECT CELL message on the display, but that's about it. I cannot figure out what would be causing the pump to shut down. I am not aware of any interlock that would cause the pump to stop other than an overload condition. But an overload would be sensed on the motor itself with its integral thermal protection.

    The real crappy part is that I am away from home and my 69 year old Dad is trying to help us out with keeping the pool clean after a hard fought battle this Summer to get it all balanced and under some sort of control.

    Chemistry is pretty well balanced with the exception of CYA=100 and hardness about 400.

    Any suggestions on what is causing the low mineral reading, low external water temperature reading and nuisance pump shut downs? My gut is telling me that something funky is going on with the board. It's just odd that there are 3 different things going on that are not accurate.

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    Re: Funky stuff on Goldline Controls

    Welcome to TFP!

    It is fairly common for the water temperature to be way off when the pump is not running. The water in the pipe near the sensor can be a very different temperature than the water in the pool.

    Salt reading low is usually calcium scaling on the cell plates or a loose connection. Do a visual inspection of the cell plates to see if there are any white crusty deposits. If there are clean the cell and adjust your water chemistry to prevent it from occurring again. If that doesn't turn up anything, check all of the cable connections to the cell.

    The pump can turn off for several reasons. Lack of water flow, overheating, electrical power glitch, etc. Make sure you have good water flow from the return jets.

    It would help if you could post a full set of water test results.

    CYA at 100 could actually be far higher. The common CYA test reports any level above 100 as if it was 100.
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    Re: Funky stuff on Goldline Controls

    Welcome to TFP!!

    I can't add more to what Jason said, but want to be able to check this thread if you respond and need more help
    Luv& Luk

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