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Thread: Balancing Salt addition with Acid

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    Balancing Salt addition with Acid

    Does anyone know how much Muriatic Acid it takes to balance the addition of 1 bag of salt?

    For example:

    8000 gallon pool: Salt at 0: Planning to add 5 bags to bring it up to 3000.

    Last year the maintenance company added the salt and it took just over a month for them to bring the pH down to normal levels (based on weekly additions of muriatic acid).

    They have a company policy of adding a maximum of 4 litres per visit.

    I don't want to deal with adding the acid myself (it's pretty nasty stuff to inhale), how much should I tell them to add (accepting the liability if anything happens).

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    Re: Balancing Salt addition with Acid

    Zero, salt addition should be ph neutral. Make sure the salt your adding is close to 100% sodium chloride
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    Re: Balancing Salt addition with Acid

    I'm with linen, a bag of salt doesnt move my ph at all. You should be right on the money with 200lbs of salt if the pool is 8k gallons.

    On the muratic acid, for most health people, the stuff is not that nasty if you don't lean your head over the bottle. If I had asthma or a respiratory problem I would let someone else do it. If you are adding a SWG the addition of acid will be routine.

    You may want to add some more details on the pool eqp. to your sig. It may come in handy in the future.
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    Re: Balancing Salt addition with Acid

    We have a great resource here in the TFP forum -- Pool School. See the big button on the top right. You will want to read it over, read it again and then print out a few parts as needed. I know it is a lot to digest, it made my head hurt the first few times I went though it.

    When you have your pool water tested and then play with the Pool Calculator it will all make perfect sense. You will learn what chemicals will or won't alter your pool water. You can calculate exactly how much of what chemicals is required to get your pool water balanced. You will see how fast those things change and how often they need to be corrected.

    You can begin with a test of the pool water done by a local pool store. Pretty soon you will understand the need to do your own testing with precise dependable test kits that are easy to read. Pool stores vary widely in their precision and repeatability. We often read here about people who have taken 3 identical samples to three different pool stores and had big variations in the results reported.
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