I have a problem where the randomizer ball does not move at all. The piston and the randomizer tube seem to be working fine, I have taken it apart and cleaned, checked the gaskets out, verified the piston and the randomizer tube is not gouged and is smooth. The piston goes back and forth during operation and the randomizer tube spins but the ball never changes to a different port. Polaris says that if that is the case then the piston and the randomizer tube needs replaced but I honestly do not see how if those two items are not visibly damaged and both seem to be operating correctly then that would be the problem. I have also adjusted the pressure valve as well but the Polaris just ends up coiled up because the ball never changes ports and will not change direction randomly.
Does anybody have any other ideas? It seems like a common problem with this cleaner. I just want to make sure I am not missing something before I just ditch it and buy a pool rover Jr for next year.