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Thread: Piping Spaghetti Jungle

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    Piping Spaghetti Jungle

    Hi there. Need a little help (and updating on the progress). Got the pool drained. Here is what it looks like.

    Found the pipes under the weeds and mess. Here is what they look like.

    So the question is. Is there a way to attach a pump to the end of one of these pipes to drain the rest of the water out from the bottom of the pool and which one would that be?

    Put a gallon on 6% bleach and a couple of chlorine tabs in it to prevent algae till I can get the rest of the water out. Now it is attracting frogs. By the dozens. That like to sing at night. All night. Suggestions.

    Thanks again for all your help.

    P and C

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    Re: Piping Spaghetti Jungle

    That depends, does the pool have a main drain? If there is a main drain, and if it is plumbed to the equipment pad, it is going to be one of the three pipes on the right side of the photo. I can't quite read the labeling, but is one of them labeled main drain? If so, that is the one. You will need to do a little PVC plumbing to get a good connection to it.

    If you do drain from the main drain, you can't stop once you have gotten it started. The pump will not be able to prime again once the water level is a bit below the skimmers.
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    Re: Piping Spaghetti Jungle

    CDG, not a bad looking pool after all!.. Good job getting all that junk out of it.

    If I were you I would rent or borrow a pump to drain the rest of the water and wash down the walls.

    I would develop a plumbing plan. You should find out if your heater is good (and if you want to use it, cost wise). It does look like you have plenty of plumbing available above ground to reconnect to. If you are careful and lucky you may be able to un-thread tha broken pipe out of the filter multiport valve. The other valves with broken pipes are probably not salvageable. I had good luck with Lowes' single union valves. They are only $10 ea and you can dissasemble your components that have these unions. The chlorinator may be still useable if you can save enough pipe to couple on to. It looks to me like you are missing the pump, I would recommend a 2 speed 1 1/2 hp, as the best value, but some others here might shed some more light on your spa h.p. needs.
    I don't know how much of a DIY'er you are but if you don't have much plumbing experience this may be one of those jobs that is worth hiring a good plumber or pool installer?
    A good reputable guy may be able to save some of those components.

    Best of luck,
    keep the updates coming.
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    Re: Piping Spaghetti Jungle

    That looks like a really nice pool - and the plumbing/install looks (we did look) good. What happened?
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    Re: Piping Spaghetti Jungle

    I second buying or renting the sump pump to get rid of the rest of the water. The plumbing job looks pretty tight, not really any room for a temporary hook up, and you don't want to run that mess through your filter if you don't have to.
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    Re: Piping Spaghetti Jungle

    Thanks Everyone. Sorry I have been slow in responding, been really busy with the whole drywall thing. Have been putting off the pool, mostly out of fear, but will get there.

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