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Thread: Fighting the Green Pool

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    Fighting the Green Pool

    Well went out of town for 2 weeks. You know the rest. Green swamp when I came home. Seem to have it back close now. water looks good. Here is a few question... Ive been keep CH high at about 13 Seems to stay that way over night. but drops bad in the day.. down like 10 12 points to .1 are so. CYA is at about 25 going up added to raise it a few days ago. PH is reading way high 9.5 are so. I keep hitting it hard with chlorine am I on the right track. Ive used alot of chlorine in 6 days. Pool is running 24/7
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    Re: Fighting the Green Pool

    Can you post a full set of test results?

    CH = calcium hardness. I assume/think you are referring to chlorine/FC of 13.

    Remember that pH can read a false high when FC is above 10.

    When FC is below 10, test pH and adjust it into the low 7's and then resume shocking.
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    Re: Fighting the Green Pool

    Dropping during the day probably indicates not enough CYA.

    When fighting algae, you can't ever let it get below the shock level, even for a few hours. You will use less chlorine if you add every few hours than if you allow it to drop between additions.

    CH is calcium hardness, but I believe you mean chlorine.

    PH testing is not much use while shocking as the high chlorine level skews the test.
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    Re: Fighting the Green Pool

    Fc 13
    CC .5
    TC 13.5
    PH 9.5 +
    TA 160
    CH 160
    CYA 25 are so added to raise it 2 days ago. was at 18-20
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