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Thread: adding salt to an AGP, "add salt" on the swg

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    adding salt to an AGP, "add salt" on the swg

    My swg says to "add salt". Should be at 4000, but comes out at about 3500.

    This is the first year of operation. When the pool was first installed, the pool guy just dumped the bags of salt over the edge. Okay. So a month ago (or so), I needed a bit more salt, so I just dumped it over the edge around the perimeter.

    I have an AGP and worry about the salt on the liner, after reading a bit here and there.

    A few questions.

    1.Where should the salt be dumped?
    2. Should I put it in the skimmer? (that would take forever in an AGP!).
    3. Do I run the pump immediately after putting the salt in the pool?
    4. And continue running for 24 hours?
    5. Can you swim while it's disolving?

    Thanks so much! (I read this forum every day, and learn something new every day!!)
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    Re: adding salt to an AGP, "add salt" on the swg

    Won't hurt the liner. Dump away. Then brush it around. You will find it dissolves quickly.
    Run the pump for a couple hours after adding.
    Expect it to take a few turns of the pool's volume to become fully distributed evenly.

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