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Thread: I got some really strange looks

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    I got some really strange looks

    I decided to bite the bullet and add borax to the pool. The pool calculator said I needed 24 - 76 oz boxes of 20 Mule Team Borax. So off to Wal-Mart I go and load up a buggy with 25 boxes (surprised they had that many). Boy, did I get some strange looks. One old guy looked at the cart and said "I'll bet you run a commercial laundry don't you?" I said "no, it's for my pool". Old guy "huh, never heard of that before, is it dirty?". There was an old lady - maybe 80 - 85 that kept looking at the cart then at me and I could tell curiosity was about to get the best of her. I passed her twice as I was picking up some other things and both times she struggled to keep from asking what they were for. Finally the third time I saw her I told her they were for my swimming pool and she just said "oh" and kind of shook her head. As I was checking out the checker asked if I was reselling them on ebay or Craig's list or were they marked with the wrong price? I said "no, I'm using them for a special project".

    I put 3 gallons of HCL and 14 boxes of borax in the pool yesterday and kept the pump running over night. This morning my readings were:

    TC 5.0
    CC 0
    pH 7.5
    TA 50
    CYA 40

    I'll add the rest this afternoon or in the morning. I don't have any test strips yet, but they have been ordered and should be here by the end of the week. Hoping I'll see the same benefits others have reported.
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    Re: I got some really strange looks

    Haha yeah like when I buy a lot of bleach...its kinda fun if I wear a shirt I stained a deck in because of the dry blood look...and then I will just act like I am in a hurry
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    Re: I got some really strange looks

    I had to hit 3 Safeway supermarkets in one night- (they only stock 7 boxes per store)- I essentially wiped out the entire supply for my area...And yes, you do get some odd looks in the checkout line...
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    Re: I got some really strange looks

    Lucky someone didn't call Homeland Security on you, so they could see what you were up to with all that Borax....."pool, sure buddy - your gonna come downtown to answer a few questions"
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    Re: I got some really strange looks

    I'm lucky, I found 4 gals of 10% @ $11, which is a bit cheaper than clorox. I could be buying a truck load and not get one look
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