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Thread: steel pattern question

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    steel pattern question

    Hello everyone!
    I will start my inground pool build soon and have a question about the rebar pattern. I will be contracting out the project myself as I have found the local bids WAY too expensive. One local company claims to use #4 (1/2") rebar on 6" centers for their pools. From what I have read on this awesome forum and elsewhere, #3 (3/8") is sufficient. Also, 8" or 9" centers seem to be more common. My pool will be a gunite pool and a sport style, three feet deep on both ends and five feet deep in the center. What steel size and pattern is recommended for a pool like this? I am in Texas near Houston and my soil is high in clay content (it developed severe cracks with long periods of no rain).
    Thank you four your input.

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    Re: steel pattern question

    1) Over dig the depth by 6-12" and add gravel to bring it up to the elevation needed. This will keep the clay's propensity to swell from creating pressures on the floor.

    2) Over dig the sides and form them. Again, backfill with small gravel to keep the clay swell from exerting lateral pressures.

    3) #3 rebar 9" on center with #4 in a 2x2 pattern for the beam. 6-9" thick floor and walls and a 12" beam will be fine in most situations. Have an engineer draw it up. Then bid it out.

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    Re: steel pattern question

    Thank you Scott! The plans should be ready later this week, when I get them I will post them for review.

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    Re: steel pattern question

    you can ask the inspectors what pattern most pools are submitted with in your area. that will give you a starting point, or ask an engineering firm for a recommendation based on local soil conditions. I did the first and then verified my design with a local engineering firm friend. I wound up with 12X12 3/8 and 4 pc #4 (1/2) in the bond beam. I also overdug and did the gravel thing. We pretty much have the same soil type (I am in BR, La).
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