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Thread: Pentair EasyTouch4 Lights cannot be turned on

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    Pentair EasyTouch4 Lights cannot be turned on

    I can't get my pool or spa lights to turn on. We have a Pentair Easytouch 4 wireless remote. U

    On the EasyTouch remote control, there are buttons I can press for "Pool light" or "Spa Light". When I press either of these buttons, the light on the remote control turns green (to show the request was registered) but none of the pool/spa lights turn on when I press these buttons.

    Under setup menu for the pool lights, the mode can be setup as one of the following:
    1. All Off
    2. All on
    3. Sync

    I selected "All On" but regardless of how many times I select that setting, when I go back into the menu, it is still on "All Off".
    I am not having issues with my other pool settings, so I am not sure why I can't turn any of the pool or spa lights on.

    Do you know what may be causing the problem? I skimmed through the user manual and didn't find anything.

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    Re: Pentair EasyTouch4 Lights cannot be turned on

    Is this a new install or a previously working system?

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    Re: Pentair EasyTouch4 Lights cannot be turned on

    The control buttons on the (Wireless or the Main Panel) would enable the relays that then allow 120v power to the lights.

    Is the circuit breaker for the lights in the Main panel tripped or off? Your relay could be working but the breaker could have been tripped.

    You can also try the Reset button on the main control panel that would reset all features, but my guess would be the breaker/GFCI breaker for the lights and spa. If not then you could have a bad relay.

    Are these Intellibrite LED color lights or just plan white and as noted were they working before?

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    Re: Pentair EasyTouch4 Lights cannot be turned on

    This is an existing install (about 4 years old). We haven't seemed to have this issue until recently.

    The lights are plain white.

    The GFI seems to be the culprit. I was able to locate the GFI near the control panel (and also behind the waterfall) and that fixed the problem... Never realized it was there.


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