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Thread: Pool wall and floor repair - liner replacement

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    Pool wall and floor repair - liner replacement

    I am replacing my in-ground pool liner and have a few questions-

    My pool bottom has some small areas that need to be filled in. Should I use sand and duct tape the area over the sand; or do I need some type of vermiculite repair? I see there is a product called pool-crete (krete) out there, does this work well?

    Also, where the ladder goes in the pool, it had been leaking for quite some time and that side is very rusted and even ate away a little. It has not gone all the way through the entire side, but the outer layer has been corroded away. What is the best way to repair the sides? I hope I dont need to cut out the old side and replace it... If I do, what would I use for this? I wouldn't be as worried about it because it hasn't went all the way through, but the bottom of my ladder rest up against the wall where it is the worst. This puts a lot of pressure in those spots when someone uses the ladder. I am worried it may break through at some point, or at least cause my new liner to leak again.

    Do I need to remove ALL the rust from the walls before putting in the new liner. I am using a wire brush, but it is leaving a little rust color on the wall. Should I wash it with something?

    Thank you for any help you can give. John.
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    Re: Pool wall and floor repair - liner replacement

    Use premixed PoolKrete. Just add water. Remove the soft spots first. Compress it well.

    As for the steel, sand it smooth. if it feels weakened, a patch is in order. It goes over the weakened area, no cutting. I typically wire weld it in place and grind any rough spots. Then I use wall foam to protect the liner.

    Smooth is the key. Wall foam is done all the way around, not just in an area.

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    Re: Pool wall and floor repair - liner replacement

    Thank you for the information. I wasn't going to use the foam on the sides, but it makes sense. Thank you again!
    24' x 54 agp
    1.5 hp hayward
    200# sure flow sand filter

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