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Thread: My pool is losing an inch of water a day

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    My pool is losing an inch of water a day

    I recently had my pool re-plastered and re-tiled. Since the pool has been finished I have needed to fill my pool every day (I am losing about an inch a day). Also, the pool deck is cracking, raising and sloping. I don't know if these have any thing to do with eachother, but I am very worried. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to what I should do?
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    Re: My pool is losing an inch of water a day

    Put an automatic filler on it. Mine looses that inch plus daily - especially when it's over 90 .
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    Re: My pool is losing an inch of water a day

    Hi, welcome to TFP! What general geographic area are you located in? Also, do you have a multi-port valve with a waste line?

    You can do the bucket test to check for leak vs evaporation. Take a bucket and fill it about 1/2 full of pool water. Mark the water line inside the bucket with a sharpie. Set the bucket on the steps of the pool so it is partially in the water and mark the pool water line on the outside of the bucket. Turn off the pump and all water features and let it sit about 24 hours. After 24 hours take a sharpie and mark the new water levels inside and outside of the bucket. If the water loss is evaporation then the water loss inside and outside the bucket should be about the same. If it is a leak then the difference between the water levels on the outside of the bucket should be wider than the difference between levels on the inside of the bucket.

    If you can post a picture of the pool that may help us figure out what is happening to your pool.
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    Re: My pool is losing an inch of water a day

    I don't know an inch a day seems like a lot to me. It's very hot here too but we have been getting enough rain to not have to fill the last few weeks. Even when we had the extended drought earlier this year I don't think I lost an inch a day. I did loose enough to complain about but I don't think it was an inch a day.
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    Re: My pool is losing an inch of water a day

    An inch each day is excessive an indicates a leak. It may well be connected with the lifting and cracking of your deck.

    Generally, finding and fixing the leak is not a job for an amateur (if the lifting deck has caused the issue.)

    With the pump off, see if you can have some luck with a syringe and some red dye injected in the skimmer. If the leak is in the underground pipes, it is possible you will see the dye being sucked into the pipe, albeit very slowly.
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    Re: My pool is losing an inch of water a day

    imo if you're losing more than 1/2" per day you have a leak.

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