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Thread: Aqua bug - not working right

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    Aqua bug - not working right

    First off - I love this site! I'm so glad I found it, saved me tons of money and frustration.

    I inherited an older Aqua bug. I took it apart (somewhat) and cleaned out all the dirt and gunk. Got some new shoes for it and changed those. So yesterday I finally sent the critter in for her first dive. What a disappointment posting.php?mode=post&f=80# ! She moved like a snail, if at all, then she fell over and just laid there on her side - sigh.posting.php?mode=post&f=80#

    I noticed that the replacements parts are very expensive, compared to a brand-new cleaner. Is it even worth taking her apart again? Any thoughts?
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    Re: Aqua bug - not working right

    Not sure how these work, but I bet someone around here can help you...
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    Re: Aqua bug - not working right

    These are basically a budget (and cutely dressed up) version of the Hayward navigator series. If you took the unit apart and inspected the gearbox and turbine parts and saw no problems, then another issue could be the vacuum pressure/flow from your pump may not high enough for proper operation. The navigators came with a gauge tube to measure the suction, I do not think these budget ones did but Hayward mentions that you might need to check suction with a gauge to verify.

    Have you checked and cleaned anything that might restrict flow such as leaf cannisters, pump filter..

    If it still is sluggish, you might try taking it to the pool store as they usually inspect and diagnose for free (hoping to sell you parts!!). When they tell you what wrong and how much to fix, you can decide if its cost effective or not.
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    Re: Aqua bug - not working right

    My AquaCritter is over 10 years old. I've had mine apart a few times, including the gearbox. I've had pine needles get into the gearbox between the teeth of the gears stopping them from turning, along with a small rock or two over the years. I'm pretty comfortable with taking it apart, & has served me very well in my 24' round pool. They'll take up alot of stuff, but can also get plugged. Make sure you have adequate suction as Optica said. Hold it about a foot underwater & tip it over while it's running. make sure the feet are moving & the turbine inside is also turning. You can also hold it by the hose in the water to make sure it does it's turns right..3 right turns, goes straight, then 3 left turns. If it is moving slow & or falling over, it has to be either a lack of suction or stuck turbine/stuck gears. I can start mine with it laying on its side & she will upright herself & start moving. Or, could just spring $140-150 for a new one & save the old one for spare parts.
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