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Thread: Look at all the RUST!

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    Look at all the RUST!

    OK, purchased home with 27ft above ground pool. Pool was put installed in 1997. Have been using pool all last summer and upon opening it this summer, we had to clean a bunch of rust from the bottom. Noticed the rust on what I believe are the rails (please correct as necessary as I am not completely familiar with pool terminology). It is all along the rails and as bad as the pictures get all along the rails.

    Are these replaceable? Is a new pool in order? The pool functions properly, as does the new pump and filter, everything works wonderfully. There is just a lot a rust everywhere and I fear it is not only corrupting the pool water but, and hopefully not, damaging the pool itself beyond repair.

    The old owners weren't much of the fix it with new parts kinda people, duck tape was their friend. It seems they may have let this go a little too long.

    Any advice?
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    Re: Look at all the RUST!

    Where are you located? It looks like salt air rust to me. Do you know who made the pool?
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    Re: Look at all the RUST!

    I am currently looking into who the manufacturer is (need to find the manual that came with the house!). I am in the middle of Kentucky, so I wouldn't think salt air is the is the problem. A serious lack of maintenance on the previous owner's part is still my bet!

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    Re: Look at all the RUST!


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    Re: Look at all the RUST!

    That rust is bad... I'd be stumped too. Wire brushing it and painting won't do any good. Anything that rusty needs to be replaced IMO. Did you ever find out who the mfr. is and do they have parts you can replace? Those screws probably won't even be un-screwable.

    The joints look dangerous. Is there a joint cover that is supposed to be there?

    I know, nothing helpful in my post but maybe bumping again will get someone who knows something to notice.
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