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Thread: resurrect a dedicated 1" vacuum line or use the 2" skimmer??

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    resurrect a dedicated 1" vacuum line or use the 2" skimmer??

    This is for my mx8, I have a dedicated 1" vacuum line that is currently capped off at the equipment pad. I'm debating if its worth resurrecting the dedicated vacuum line or should I connect the mx8 to the 2" skimmer and call it a day? Which will work better? If its the first option, how should I connect the 1" line to my system? Do I need to buy a new 2nd pump just for that line or can I connect it somehow to my intelliflo pump? Will the 1" line be too restrictive and not worth messing with?

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    Re: resurrect a dedicated 1" vacuum line or use the 2" skimm

    We have an MX8 cleaner and have it hooked up to a 2" dedicated line. On the suction side of the main pump, there are three pipes that run to the pool in which control of the flow is controlled by two 3-way valves. One controls flow from the pool vs. spa, and on the pool side of this, a second controls flow between the skimmer and the cleaner line. I simply adjust this valve to regulate the flow on the MX8 vs. the skimmer, and this is quite convenient. I have not used the skimmer attachment that comes with the MX8, but I believe this can also be adjusted so that you get some skimmer action. The problem for me is that I cannot fit the skimmer basket in the skimmer if the cleaner hose is attached in the skimmer. So, I think this would defeat much of the purpose of the skimmer, and you would probably spend much time cleaning out debris from the pump basket. I think that's kind of a pain. In our case, the skimmer has a basket to hold leaves, and I purchased a leaf catcher for the MX8.

    So, I think you should try out the skimmer attachment that comes with your MX8. If it and your skimmer work okay, then great. If you don't like cleaning out your pump basket (which is kind of a pain), then replumb the cleaner line and get a leaf catcher for the MX8. You could get a 3-way valve to control between skimmer and at the suction side of the pump. With your Intelliflo, you should have plenty of pumping power to pull enough water for skimming and for the cleaner.
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    Re: resurrect a dedicated 1" vacuum line or use the 2" skimm

    I am not familiar with the MX8 cleaner but my first reaction would be that 1" is to small for an suction pool cleaner. I have a decicated suction line that is 1-1/2" and runs a poolverguegen pool cleaner.
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