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Thread: Brand New Owner--AGP-need help opening pool

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    Brand New Owner--AGP-need help opening pool

    Hi guys. My pool is filling as we speak. I have a 21' AGP --steel. I am going to be using a SWG--someone here recommended I get a TF100 test kit but that would take a bit to get to me and I need to get the pool to the proper levels now. (or by wed or thursday, whenever its done filling. )
    Are there any test kits to buy cheap for now, just to get started ?
    Also,The pool installer wanted 175.00 to install my Intex SWG--I told him I would do it myself as that seemed excessive. I am not sure if he has the filter and pump running ( I am not home) but I would imagine if the pool is being filled it would be running. Or does the pool have to be a certain level before you run the pump ?
    Not certain.
    Anyhow---can I just shut off the pump and install the SWG ? Sorry if these are noob questions. This is all new to me. Is there a link to opening a new pool for the very first time ? I noticed in pool school there is a link for opening a winterized AGP but not a new pool for the first time.
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    Re: Brand New Owner--AGP-need help opening pool

    An AGP has to be full, at least up to the skimmer, before you can run the pump and filter. I highly recommend ordering the TF100. If you order it today you should have it by the end of the week.
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    Re: Brand New Owner--AGP-need help opening pool

    gdog, you may be able to some info on the TA and CH from your water utility if you have city water and not a well. Call them and ask for the lab. You can also assume your CYA is 0. You can add enough cya to get you to about 30 using the when the pool is full, put it in a sock and drop it in the skimmer. Or hang the sock in the pool while it is filling. Don't bother to test cya for a week as it takes that long to fully dissolve and show up. Just assume it there at the level you added it to achieve.

    You can get a ph/cl test kit from WalMart for 6.99. That will get you by a few days till you kit comes. Just keep some chlorine in from the beginning as with this heat you don't want to have to learn to shock the first week you own a pool.
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    Re: Brand New Owner--AGP-need help opening pool

    Go ahead and order the TF-100 and in the mean time add 2ppm chlorine a day to the pool. If you have some chlorine in other than liquid form you can use that to raise the FC and unless it's Cal-hypo it'll raise the CYA also, which you need anyway.
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