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Thread: Milky Water

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    Milky Water

    Yesterday I noticed my pool water did not appear as crystal clear as it had Saturday, and actually got worse through the day. Later I noticed the area of my concrete where my pool blaster vacuum was removed from the pool and leaked water, was now dry and left a powdery residue on the concrete. I went and looked at the pool blaster and it too had a dry white substance left behind from the water.

    What could this be? I had recently completed an ascorbic acid treatment but have had my chlorine holding for a few days. I did add some stabilizer to the pool skimmer.

    I did the overnight FC test and I think I'm good. Last night was 5.5, and this morning was at 4.

    temp 82
    FC 4
    PH 7.2
    TA 90
    CH 220
    16x34 fiberglass. Sand filter with Zeobrite.

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    Re: Milky Water

    If you lost 1.5 ppm overnite, you need to start the shock process. You don't mention your cya level, that's important to know, so that you can determine what your shock level is.

    Read Pool School section on how to shock your pool, then read it several times again, to help you understand that shocking is a process and not throw some "Shock" into the water and everything will be fine.
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    Re: Milky Water

    I'm at the tale end of an ascorbic acid treatment and was not supposed to shock for 2 weeks according to the instructions. My FC has been holding after the treatment for several days. I suppose I don't have any choice but to shock.

    Just did a fresh test

    FC 1
    TA 90
    PH 7.2
    CH 220
    CYA 45
    16x34 fiberglass. Sand filter with Zeobrite.

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    Re: Milky Water

    Did you follow the AA treatment to include the addition of PolyQuat 60?

    Even tho you did have to do a slow rise of FC because of the AA treatment, with your CYA of 45, you should now keep the FC between 4 andf 8 and never below 4. You can try to maintain FC at the high end for your CYA (around 8ish - but not shock level!) and see if that will keep the algae at bay. Also continue to maintain a low pH around 7 or 7.2. If you should notice any stains reappearing, add more sequesterant.

    Don't let the FC drop below 4! I am not saying that you do not need to shock, but just trying to postpone it.

    Others may be along with a better idea.
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    Re: Milky Water

    I did use the polyquat 60. I am 8 days into the AA treatment. I've held chlorine since day 4, meaning I got all of the acid out. I have not added any polyquat 60 since I've had the chlorine holding.
    16x34 fiberglass. Sand filter with Zeobrite.

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