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Thread: NO power light or chlorine generating!! Please help!!

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    NO power light or chlorine generating!! Please help!!

    My AquaRite Goldline salt cell is not generating any chlorine!! I have researched this a bit and what I see is that there is a black piece the size of a quarter on the motherboard - by ordering one and soldering it on the problem is usually fixed. I am a new pool owner and I have spent a TON of money on my pool this year - for chemicals and holes in the liner - I"m feeling a bit frustrated!!! I have NO idea how to solder and don't know that I would take the chance of trying to see if this would fix it. Has anyone out there had the same problem - how did you resolve it? Is this going to be ANOTHER expensive fix??


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    Re: NO power light or chlorine generating!! Please help!!

    Chris, welcome to TFP!!

    Can you tell me what the display reads on your unit? Is the power on LED lit?

    Make sure there is power to the unit, all the plugs plugged in, and no breaks in the cords.

    If it still gives you problems I can walk you trough the diagnostics (on page 14 of your owners manual) and we'll see what else needs be done
    Luv& Luk

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    Re: NO power light or chlorine generating!! Please help!!

    Hi Ted,

    I think I actually know the problem - just not sure how to fix it. The power light is off - but the diagnostic panel is working. There is no chlorine being generated - but when I shut the unit off and turn it back on it starts running normal - no flow light blinks and then the generating light goes on - I put superchlorinate and it goes on but just for a few seconds and then the light goes off. I unscrewed the box to look at the motherboard and that black quarter size piece that everyone seems to talk about is cracked. Seems if I can learn how to solder I can remove that - replace it and I should be back in business. I worry about that fix - because I don't know how to solder - and if it is NOT the problem I may create a worse one. Owning a pool is HARD work and very costly. I may just shut the salt system off and make my pool a chlorine pool - seems a LOT cheaper! UUGHH.

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