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Thread: New Pool Owner - Naive Question About Algae,FC & Scrubbing

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    New Pool Owner - Naive Question About Algae,FC & Scrubbing

    As a new pool owner I'm in the midst of fighting my first battle with green algae. Last week I bought all the chemicals Leslie's recommended and it seemed to be getting better but promptly returned. One thing I didn't do is scrub the pool. After reading the posts I realize that not scrubbing may have been my downfall. I'm treating the pool now for the 2nd time in two weeks and have just added the second round of shock to the pool. At what point can I enter the pool to scrub it? Do I have to wait until the FC levels return to normal? I'm not sure when it's safe to enter a pool after it's been shocked. Thanks!

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    Re: New Pool Owner - Naive Question About Algae,FC & Scrubbi

    Welcome to TFP!

    "After it's been shocked" is kind of the key to your problem. Pool stores like to sell normal pool chlorine in a specially labelled bag or jug and act like it is a one-size-fits-all magic bullet that will fix problems. Shocking a pool is a process that involves measuring the chlorine level and adding a measured amount of chlorine to reach the appropriate shock level. The big thing you are missing is that you need to hold the pool at shock level until the water clears and you stop losing chlorine to the algae. That may take a day or two up to even a week.

    Determining the actual shock level depends on your CYA level. Here are three articles that will give you the guidance you need to get the water clear again:

    Defeating Algae

    Turning Your Green Swamp Back into a Sparkling Oasis

    Shocking Your Pool

    Brushing will help, but it is secondary to maintaining a sufficient shock level for as long as the algae remains.
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