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Thread: Skimmer,drain,spa plumbing.

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    Skimmer,drain,spa plumbing.

    Hey everyone. I had some pool guys come out and open my pool while I was overseas. They told my wife my valves were no good so they hacked up my plumbing and just connected the skimmer. I had to call when I got home to set up an appointment for them to come out and hook it all back up. I would rather just do it myself and not have to wait for them. The picture I provided is what I have to work with. The pipe hooked up is the skimmer. Of the cut ones, the one on the left is the spa and the one on the right is the pool drain. What I was thinking was having the Spa and Drain running into a 3 way valve, then run that valve up to another valve that the skimmer is attached to. Since my spa is a spill over spa, I can choose to have the drain and spa running so new water is continually coming in from the drain going into the spa and spilling over, but then also I could turn off the drain and just have the spa running. The second valve with the skimmer would give me the option of shutting of the skimmer completely while I run the drain and/or spa, or I could shut off the drain/spa and just run the skimmer. I think this setup would be what I need to have all the possible combinations. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    One problem I see looking at the plumbing, is I wouldn't know where I should cut to put in the new plumbing. Everything is sealed. I would like to tighten the system up and make it look cleaner. Should I just cut the tubing real low in the ground and just start fresh? Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Skimmer,drain,spa plumbing.

    Plug the lines, drain included or lower the pool a foot or so if the pool is below the pad. If it's a flooded suction, plugging is the only option.

    Drain the equipment.

    Dig it out in front of the pad. Make room to work. Make room for some water.

    Cut as needed and redo it properly.

    Don't use ball valves. You'll regret it in a couple years.

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