I have a general foam pool with the skimmer and pump together. The pump burned up last week so I ordered the 2500 gph intex pump. I does not work with the Gen foam pool you have to make it work. I bought what I thought was the correct adpater for the botttom of the skimmer to fit the Intex adpater on wrong to small for my skimmer bottom opening. So I thought about it and looked around here for a day and decide to try a new skimmer. I bought the Hayward standard skimmer after test fitting it found that the opening for the hayward was to big for my pool so out came the knife and I cut the opening in my pool about 1/2 larger all the way around. Place gasket against pool and draw it out so you can get the opening close to what you need. After that I used the intex adpater and the supplied skimmer out put thing from hayward and it all works. So if you want your gen foam pool to have a larger pump get the Hayward skimmer and you should not have any problems. Oh the water moves really fast now also.