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Thread: Earwig Problem, Help!!

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    Earwig Problem, Help!!

    Hi Guys, i was wondering if you could help me with a problem I have. I have earwigs around my hot tub, and i'm unsure of what to do! it has been a dry summer here in the UK so i think they see the hot tub as an attractive place with its water. We have these cushion float things that we normally keep outside the hot tub, and when I put them in today, earwigs started crawling out of them into the water!! Any tips?
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    Re: Earwig Problem, Help!!


    Ewww... earwigs are creepy. The only bug I jump for... the only imaginary bug I jump for actually.
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    Re: Earwig Problem, Help!!

    Get some diatomaceous earth, but not pool grade (doesn't work on bugs). Sprinkle or dust around your hot tub and anywhere else where creeping pests are a problem (ants, aphids, silverfish...). Works like a charm so long as it is dry - reapply after rain or watering. DE is generally not harmful to pets or people, although I wouldn't inhale the stuff. I hope that helps!

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