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Thread: water hardness issues and a BIG Fat THANK You

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    water hardness issues and a BIG Fat THANK You

    I found this forum on Monday, after my pool man had the audacity to say my pool was clean and I couldn't see through the green cloud to the second step. I started the BBB method and with out a water test kit, I went to Leslies, after a 15 year old with braces tried to tell me the BBB method was a hoax, and tried to sell me phosphate remover I left. I got my mur acid my bleach my borax and my baking soda for less than 40 bux. Today is now Sat and my pool is Beautiful and clear and just awesome. Hoax my a*$!

    Here is my problem , I tested the water yesterday at warehouse pools, my cya levels when I started was over a 100, today its 50, my chlorine is good, ph is7.6. My water hardness is at 640 ppm. And yesterday pool store reading was 565. I live in Houston where you could crack nuts with our water. And the pool store is saying for me to drain the pool 50% and refill. Would yall recommend that? I m new to the BBB method but after seeing the results I'm so sold ill do what ever you guys think. Yall tell me to smoosh cat poop and Viagra and put it in a skimmer , I will. .

    My pool is 25000,
    White gunite
    With a rock water fall

    I hope this info will help with any advice you give me.


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    Re: water hardness issues and a BIG Fat THANK You

    I recommend that you save the Viagra for other purposes!

    Pool stores tests for CYA are usually not very accurate. CYA does not change very much over the course of the summer unless you replace the water. It is unlikely that your CYA went from 100 to 50; it is more likely that the tests were poorly done.

    The previous owners of our pool used hypo to sanitize the pool. Our CH was over 700 the first summer. Not good – but not fatal. Keep your pH in the 7.4 to 7.6 range and the high CH is OK for this summer.

    General advice:
    Read the pool school articles.
    Purchase a good test kit; you will save money in the long run.
    Follow BBB and you will have a crystal clear pool.
    Determine the amount of BBB chemicals to add by using the Pool Calculator.
    Enjoy your pool.

    Pray for rain.
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    Re: water hardness issues and a BIG Fat THANK You

    Before you do anything else, take the money you saved on the phosphate remover you didn't buy, s and use that toward getting your own test kit. Best value is TF100, sold online only by a beloved forum member. There are a few other choices, see Pool School, Test Kits Compared. Get the Speed Stir too.

    When that arrives, test the pool water and your tap water. I thought I had hard water but found it is more magnesium than calcium apparently.

    You may find that pool store tests were wrong, or that tap water isn't so bad. FWIW, my tap has 20 CH and 340 TA in The Woodlands. Not sure if your water is surface or well water.
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    Re: water hardness issues and a BIG Fat THANK You

    What he said ^

    Order up a TF100 and a speedstir. You'll love playing with it and the end result will be water like this: check-out-this-picture-of-bbb-bliss-t35601.html
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