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Thread: Test Results CYA, still a little high, salt/bleach question

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    Test Results CYA, still a little high, salt/bleach question

    I did an overnight chlorine test with dpd

    LAst night 5.5
    This morning (2 hrs after sun up, slept in) 5.0

    Last night I thought I saw a tinge of pink and added another drop to get to 5.5, so there may be user error

    Todays #'s

    FC 5.0
    c/c 0
    PH 7.5 (this has been stable for weeks +-1)
    TA 100
    CH 230 It turned light blue at 23 drops, I added several more and it still stayed the same. So I backed it up to 230
    CYA 95 or so

    Now For CYA, I have been draining and adding water it has come down. But I have a question for non chlorine shock I have Fresh N Clear on hand, have not used it, does it raise CYA or just dichlor?

    One more thing according to pool calculator 6% bleach raises salt I think it told me 1.7. Is this going to be a problem if I keep doing BBB or will the replenishing of water for splashouts compensate for this. I am running Chlorine/Bleach. Sholuld I buy Salt Strips.

    BTW, last night wife was saying how good the pool felt, she said she did not have that slimy feeling in her hair, umm slimy water, I would not even get in.

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    Re: Test Results CYA, still a little high, salt/bleach quest

    The amount of salt left behind by bleach is negligible. Pools with saltwater chlorine generators run around 2800-3200 ppm of salt and that usually is not high enough to register a salty taste with most folks. Just using bleach would take you many, many years to build up enough salt to cause problems. You will lose some salt to splash out, and when you drain to winterize the pool. The salt strips sold on start at 400 ppm and go to 7000 ppm. Unless you decide to raise the salt level to improve the feel of the water or add a saltwater chlorine generator you won't need to worry about salt levels.

    The Fresh and Clear is a monopersulfate shock. It does not add CYA, but it also does not add chlorine and will not sanitize the water. Fresh and Clear will remove excess CC, but you don't have excess CC at this time. It is best used for spas or indoor pools or pools run with mineral packs such as Nature2. I would just hang on to it. As long as it stays dry it should last for years. If you ever find yourself fighting a green pool you can use it then to get rid of excess CC.
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