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Thread: High pH and no Chlorine generation... help.

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    High pH and no Chlorine generation... help.

    Hello, after a few rains and dust storms my pools pH got really high without me catching it. Now the SWG is not producing any chlorine (very low amperage (0.01) and higher than normal Voltage (28.0)). Is this just becuase the pH is too high effecting the conductivity of the water? I hope so, all the other tests are in range. I added appropriate amounts of acid and am hoping that the SWG will start producing chlorine, but as of right now my chlorine levels are very low. Thank you for any tips.

    I'm getting a code 94 by the way, which I assume is due to the low amperage

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    Re: High pH and no Chlorine generation... help.

    Your pH won't affect the output of your swcg. Have you cleaned the cell lately?
    You need to add bleach to get your FC up till you get the swcg working.
    Also, post a full set of test results. There may be other stuff going on too.
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    Re: High pH and no Chlorine generation... help.

    Thanks will get back to you after work. I just cleaned the cell today, and got the pH back down.... still no amperage out of it.

    Hardness is 250
    Chlorine is a 1 right now... need to get that up ASAP without the SWG
    pH is now 6.8... need to increase that a little
    Alkalinity is 100
    Cyanuric Acid is also low looks around 10
    Salt is 3300

    (Using test strips for now)

    Thank you!

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    Re: High pH and no Chlorine generation... help.

    Yep, looking at those numbers (keep in mind I'm no SWCG expert, just going by what I've read) you need to get your pH in line and dump Clorox in right away, and check your cell for scale. Get your CYA up ASAP also.

    A good kit wouldn't hurt by the way.
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    Re: High pH and no Chlorine generation... help.

    But why is the SWG still not producing chlorine? Is that a separate issue? It's giving me a code 94, but I assume that is because there is no amperage.

    --Well I fixed it-- it was just a blown fuse. Not where it was depicted in the manual though. Had to remove the faceplate of the control unit to get to it. Time to fix all the balances now. Thanks for all the info.

    I have learned now that the voltage differencial is not measured in the salt cell, but measured in the control unit then sent to the salt cell so amperage is really your best indicator of how the salt cell is producing if all the chemicals are right.

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