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Thread: BUZZZZZZZZZ, but no go. Fixable? Or must replace?

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    BUZZZZZZZZZ, but no go. Fixable? Or must replace?

    I noticed when I went outside this morning that my pump was not on. I tried switching it on using the maintenance overide button by the pump and rather than starting right up it made a loud BUZZ. Some might argue it is more of a hum, but it's a pretty loud hum or buzz. Is it possible the impeller is stuck on something and there may be a chance I can take it apart and fix it? Or, is this the buzz of death - time to replace. It's over 10 years old, but I'm out of $$$. If the latter, based on the picture, can anyone give me a ballpark guesstimate of what replacing it might cost?

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    Re: BUZZZZZZZZZ, but no go. Fixable? Or must replace?

    Might be possible to fix
    Turn off all water then take pump cover off till you see impeler try turning it if it doesnt turn take pump further apart to remove obstruction
    If it turns it can be many things
    Try checkinh the centrifical (sp) switch on the back of the motor shaft it might be stuck in the out position. What this is is a switch that gives the motor a boost of power when it first starts but once running lowers the power so if it is stuck it might only be giving low power not enough to start tufning the shaft
    I would check these first other people will be along with more suggestions if not these issues
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    Re: BUZZZZZZZZZ, but no go. Fixable? Or must replace?

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    Re: BUZZZZZZZZZ, but no go. Fixable? Or must replace?

    The bump on top of your motor covers the capacitor. If the motor spins freely, there is a good chance it's just a bad cap. Probably $18 and 10 minutes to swap.
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    Re: BUZZZZZZZZZ, but no go. Fixable? Or must replace?

    THANK YOU!!!

    Thanks, all, for your help. It was the capacitor. I found a pool supply in the area who had the capacitor in stock, got it, replaced it and Ta-Da!

    I could have got it a lot cheaper by ordering it online and waiting for delivery, but I didn't want things to start growing in my pool. It was 25$, plus a little drive across town, but it's fixed now so it was worth it.

    Thanks again!

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